Monday, 25 January 2016

Music I have been listening to - Chart for Decemeber 2015

Only four tunes or mixes really grabbed me this month, but they are all well worth listening to. Enjoy and comment on my choices!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Dance music I have been listening to - Chart for November 2015

Really great mix by Funk D'Void, which is well worth a listen

Blusoul's Modular Memories is a lush melodic tune. Into the void!

Dance music I have been listening to - Chart for October 2015

Another great month and Southend Ronnie delivers another solid mix. More of the same please!

Guy J's Nirvana, from his new album, is also a quality tune - but Guy J always produces good stuff.

We also really like North Star, by Tale Of Us!

Another good month!

John Digweed, Live In Montreal

Six discs! I need to say that again "six discs!"

Wow this promises to be a real treat. Check back here in a few weeks for my review. This is gonna be amazing!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Dance music I have been listening to - September 2015 chart

Sasha Live Kumharas set is a good listen as is his Last Night On Earth mix. But this month, we have really enjoyed Guy J's September "Miles Away" Mix. No month seems to be complete without a quality Guy J mix or tune.

Dance music I have been istening too - August 2015 chart

Sorry I'm so late in posting the chart for August - life is a bit complicated of late.

But here is the chart for August. Another really strong month, but the stand out tune is the absolutely amazing Belen, by Argy. Its a really powerful peak time tune and one you would hope to hear in a proper banging set!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Music I have been listening to - July 2015

July was a another good month for dance music and (as ever), Guy J helped make the month good.

We realy enjoyed Sasha's Last Night On Earth 003 mix and we always look forward to anything from Ian Ossia!

Do you agree with my choices?