Monday, 9 May 2016

Dance music chart for April 2016

Scene Delete, mixed by Sasha

Scene Delete is a downtempo type of mix, more in the style of Northern Exposure (disc 1), than a full on "peak time" set. Now you know that, you can enjoy the beauty of many of the tracks which are expertly mixed by the legend that is Sasha.

I'll always prefer any DJs more uptempo mixes - I just like the harder stuff - but the more relaxed music found on Scene Delete has me hooked. The mix does build throughout, but the vibe is always minimal.

What tunes really stand out?

A lot of them do actually, but Healer followed by Modcon are our favourites. The whole sound of Scene Delete is infectious and Scarpa Falls and Corvette are other highlights of this.

So this mix is closer to Northern Exposure and Involver mixes, meaning Sasha has a strong track record in delivering minimal mixes. That means if you rate Sasha as a DJ and a producer, you should really like Scene Delete.

01. Channel deq
02. View2
03. Baracus
04. Linepulse
05. Time After Time
06. Detour
07. Pontiac
08. Cassette Sessions D
09. Cassette Sessions E
10. Healer
11. Modcon
12. Scarpa Falls
13. Warewolf
14. Bring on the Night-time feat. Ultraista
15. Corvette
16. Shelter
17. Untitled 3
18. Abacus
19. Rooms feat. John Graham
20. Broadcast
21. Vapour Trails

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Review of Southend Ronnie's Off Kilter mix

Southend Ronnie gives us a peak time banger of a mix, full of techno, progressive and tech house! This is really worth 49 minutes out of your day!

Lots of bleeps, lots of buzzes, this mix features tracks from Oliver Huntemann, Nax Acid & Giogio Gigil, Mark Mendes & Mike Jacinto, Lee Van Dowski, Andre Winter and more. The mix is really well put together, as Southend Ronnie really knows how to pick a good tune.

Anna's Unstable is sublime and Lee Van Dowski's Ici et Maintenant is a real stand out moment too. But Florian Gasperini and Marcan's Blanc is the best tune here, full of energy and bass.

Each tune, superbly mixed, builds upon the previous one and the further into the mix you go, the more storming it gets

Monday, 7 March 2016

Dance music chart for February 2016

February was dominated by the great sounds of Guy J's productions and DJ mixes. I really rate his Octavia track and his mix from Orfeo Park is quality from start to finish.

Also really like the three tracks from Eagles and Butterflies, but Fireworks is a total beast of a tune, which we love. It's presence in John Digweed's brilliant Live In Montreal is welcome!

Bring on March!

Dance music I have been listening to - January 2016 chart

January was a great month and a great start to 2016!

The stand out track in this chart is Argy's Alfredo - quality all the way. Almost as good as Belen (but not quite!).

Also worth a few minutes is Koven by Hybrid. The welsh sure do have a knack for making good dance music!

Monday, 25 January 2016

Music I have been listening to - Chart for Decemeber 2015

Only four tunes or mixes really grabbed me this month, but they are all well worth listening to. Enjoy and comment on my choices!