Saturday, 29 October 2016

Dance music chart, October 2016

We've had more time this month to listen to quality music, so October's dance music chart is a bit bigger than some previous ones!

Anything stood out?

Hell yes! Sasha - Live at Space Closing Fiesta, 2016 (Space Ibiza) is full of classics and the most important one for us being Pete Lazonby's Sacred Cycles. One of the greatest tunes if all time. Remixed several times and they are all good. Check out Renaissance 2, disc 2 to hear two of them, one after the other.

October has been a great month!

Dance music chart, September 2016

September was a great month and we deliberately kept this months down to only a few entries, so you know all 5 of these are worth listening too.

By far, our favourite on this chart is the totally amazing Hybrid's Bad Habit. Nice bit of vocal, overlaying a nice and tough tune.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Dance music chart, August 2016

It's been a great month and I've really enjoyed the music on this month's chart.

Secret Knowledge's, Sugar Daddy is a big tune and this remix is great.

Anthony Pappa's Darkbeat mix also hits the right vibe for me and the rest of the Spadang gang! But Way Out West's Tuesday Maybe is this months biggest highlight. You will have probably heard it on John Digweed's Live In Montreal Finale mix. Its superb.