Friday, 19 November 2010

GU39 review - GU39 Lithuania, mixed by Dave Seaman

GU39 - Lithuania

Spadang loves a good Dave Seaman mix (they normally are!). So we really looked forward to the release of GU39, Lithuania.

We've had the thing on continuous playback, since we got it. Its so good we thought we'd really give it some time, before writing our little review.

But now, we are ready!

It's great, we love it, its the best GU for some time (even though GU38 was also superb).

A proper journey, thank god. We do love a good journey, here at Spadang HQ!
The stand out track is Carl Craig's At Les. What a way to finish!

As is often the case, disc 1 is a bit more more mellow than disc 2. But as we often say here: "things build nicely" across both discs.

There really is nothing negative to say about this mix, as its proper proggy squishy trancey stuff. Typical of Seaman's style, so well worth the investment!

Disc: 1
1. Blume Der Nacht/B4 Spring - DJ Koze/James Teej
2. Vom Leben Und Verstehen - Mikroboy
3. Deeper - Audio Junkies
4. Chabad - Audio Junkies
5. From The Ground Up - 16 Bit Lolitas
6. Chatterbox - Fiord
7. El Sueno Espanol - Logares, Javier
8. Falling Masonary - Levin, George
9. Understand This Groove/Seconds - Project/Minilogue
10. Avalanche/Annexe - Alkan, Erol & Boys Noize/Jemmy & Aztec
11. 2000000 Suns - King Unique
12. What Had They Done - Kostruba, Alexander & Max Richter
13. Tiger - Moonbeam
14. Taurine On A Sunday - Dill, Roland M
15. Triangle And Strings - Morrison, Glenn

Disc: 2
1. Come Home - Yousef
2. Sycamore - Trentemoller
3. Digital Forest - Lig, Fabrice
4. Polar - Talk, James
5. Homecoming - Jamieson, Barry & Charlie May
6. Welcome To The Woods - Applescal
7. Under A Pink Cherry Tree - Morrison, Glenn
8. Rejekt/Yeah Yeah - Dubfire/Quivver
9. Wonder/Up The Mountain - Fusion F & Come T/Bomb The Bass & The Battle Of Land & Sea
10. Vorahnung - Seaman, Dave & Josh Gabriel
11. Early Sept - Ajello
12. Bloody Hands/Jule - Horrevorts, Peter/Solee
13. Baltic Pine - Boy 8-Bit
14. At Les/Too Hard To Breathe - Craig, Carl/Spitzer & Kid A
15. Window Between Us And Them - Ward, Steve
Tuesday, 14 September 2010


We do hope they a come back stronger than ever. Please don't let it be the end of an era (a great one at that!).
Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Structures - John Digweed

As if two CDs of the Bedrock labels best releases isn't enough, there is an interesting DVD extra to watch, featuring the man himself, +John Digweed.

Ever since Diggers did his Journey By DJ mix, back in 1993, we at Spadang HQ have always been massive fans of his work. The guy really does produce quality mixes and tunes.

Every release of his is awaited impatiently. Structures was no different to any of Digweed's other work.

So what do you get? Like we said at the top, you are treated two quality CDs and a bonus DVD. More on the DVD later.

As is often the case, CD1 is a more mellow journey, to its second disc companion. But this is really nice and the mix builds in the quality way we all expect from Digweed. Some may find it a bit slow, but Spadang loves it. The best track on disc 1 has to be Quivver's Boom Boom. Though King Unique's 2000000 is also top notch (we really like it, when a mix CD has two versions of the same song mixed together!).

Disc 2 picks the pace up and is far more relentless. We think moving to disc 2, straight from 1 really gives the whole album the feeling of a true journey. Our favourite track from disc 2 has to be the Wehbba remix of the excellent Flyertalk, by Christian Smith. Love it!

After you've enjoyed the regular 2 CD mix album, you have the added treat of the bonus DVD. It's really interesting, even if you have been a Digweed fan for as long as we have. The short film entitled The Eye Of The Storm documents Diggers on his recent South American tour. God it makes you realise what a great life these DJs appear to lead. Spadang is bloody jealous of them all and Digweed not the least! John also talks about his DJ origins and how he got started. Are we biased, or is John Digweed a top bloke? Watch the film to judge for yourselves. There are bonus mixes to listen to, on the DVD as well, so it's a real treat and well worth checking out.

The whole package is high quality and if you are a Digweed (and Bedrock!) fan, this is a must have!

Disc 1

1. Colache - Luis Junior
2. Babylon - Dolby, Alex & Santos
3. My Real Name Is - Wiretappeur
4. On And Amp - Mutant Clan
5. No Walls - Dolby, Alex & Santos
6. Cream - Dirty Mongrel
7. Alameda - King Roc & Dimitri Nakov
8. Colmedream - Varela, Cristian
9. Put It To Bed - Rowdent
10. Boom Boom - Quivver
11. Perras A Tutti - Varela, Cristian
12. 2000000 Dubs - King Unique
13. 2000000 Suns - King Unique
14. In Your Boat - Quivver 

Disc 2

1. In Search Of Silver - Warren, Nick
2. Esperanza - Guy J
3. Unexpiritualized - Marzenit, Marc
4. Meteor - Digweed, John & Nick Muir
5. Aurora Borealis - O'Donovan, Ian
6. Jungle Laps - Bailey, Marco
7. Neo Galaxy - Marzenit, Marc
8. Pushin' Too Hard - Saints & Sinners
9. Tangent - Digweed, John & Nick Muir
10. Flyertalk - Smith, Christian
11. Persuader - Mutant Clan
12. Etiam - Varela, Cristian
13. Dreams Are Maps - Sian (2)
14. Rayavadee - Bailey, Marco & Tom Hades
15. Feniksas - King Unique
16. BG Beats - Luis Junior
17. Collusion - Erphun & Thee O
18. Esperanza - Guy J
19. Satellite - Digweed, John & Nick Muir

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Renaissance Parallel, The Masters Series - mixed by Hernan Cattaneo

We love +Hernan Cattaneo's DJ sets that he regularly makes available as free downloads from his site. They are well worth a listen. His "live mix" from 2008 is a particular fave. The last 40 minutes are truly relentless!

How relieved we are then, that his mix CD's are almost as good (but licencing restrictions mean the live stuff has the edge for us).
His latest release on the mighty Renaissance label, under the Masters Series is another strong offering.

Disc 1 (the Day disc) is the cooler of the two discs as it is a few bpms down on what you may expect. But as we say often on the blog, things do build rather nicely and disc 1 is a fave of ours, even though its not the "peak time" madness we really love!
Stand out tracks on disc 1 have to be Guy J – Dust (Into Dust Mix) and Mercurio – Beautiful. Things build nicely!!

Disc 2 (the Night disc) is more close to what Spadang enjoys and if you are a fan of Hernan, you will agree. Its your regular trippy proggy trancey stuff, which is cool and tough enough to make you wanna hit a decent club as you listen to it. Best track on disc 2 has to be Future Beat Alliance – Crying Sine.
But all of disc 2 is worthy of being included in a fine selection of tunes!
So, if you like Renaissance mixes to be quality and well thought out, you will be well pleased to listen to both discs! Another piece of good work from Hernan Cattaneo.

Disc One – Day
1. Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile – Indian Son / Slacker – See The World (Hernan’s Dawn Reboot)
2. Marc Marzenit Pres. Divine Elements – Saint Two
3. Hernán Cattáneo & John Tonks – One 0 Five
4. Martin Garcia  – Galileo Was Right
5. Martin Garcia – Specific Impulse
6. Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile – Blacklight (Day Mix)
7. Múm – The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Edit)

8. Mercurio – Acoustic
9. Jean F. Cochois – Like A Poison Snake
10. Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile Feat. Tomomi Ukumori – Cripsis (Day mix)
11. Guy J – Dust (Into Dust Mix)
12. Henry Saiz – We are All ( Henry Saiz Earth´s Pulse Version)
13. Idioma – Landscape (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Rework)
14. Mercurio – Beautiful
15. Sigur Ros – Svefn-G-Englar

Disc Two – Night
1. Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile – Blacklight (Night mix)
2. Hernán Cattáneo & John Tonks – July (Manuel Sofia Remix)

3. Way Out West – Ultra Violet (Guy J Remix)
4. Tone Depth – Rumblefish (Diyo Remix)
5. Henry Saiz –The Rider
6. Tonnsaied – Seven Seventy
7. Alex.47 – Eggsperience (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Mix 1)
8. Alex.47 – Eggsperience (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Mix 2)
9. Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile – Cripsis (Night Mix)

10. Fefo & Dario Arcas – Take Me Away
11. Billy Dalessandro – Your Touch (Alexander Kowalski Remix)
12. Future Beat Alliance – Crying Sine
13. Quivver – Boom Boom
14. Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile – Teleport
15. Manuel Sofia – An Endless Forest
16. Diyo – Underlight
Monday, 31 May 2010

Global Underground 038 - Black Rock Desert mixed by Carl Cox

F.A.C.T Carl Cox is a techno god.

Here at Spadang Towers, it was the release of F.A.C.T, back in 199*(!) that we really took notice of Coxy as a bloke a who really liked his techno!

Since then, he has regularly turned out some serious quality choonage! F.A.C.T 2 wasn't a bad follow up!

So when we heard he'd teamed up with Global Underground, we couldn't believe our luck! Could he deliver?


This mix is quality from start to finish and if you love Coxy, you'll love this!
Disc 1 starts slowly but builds nicely getting tougher from Skylark's Krakatoa finishing with the smoother sound of Christian Smith's Flyertalk.

Disc 2 (our favourite) is a tougher affair from the word go and truly delivers the tough techno we all love at Spadang. Stand out tunes include Wilson, Smallwood & Ingram - Perfect Sunrise, Umek - Before Violence and James Zabiela - Darkness.2.

But both discs are soooo good its worth mentioning every tune, so see below for the full listing. A great addition to the strong GU series, by a real craftsman.

Disc 1
1. Tiefschwarz Feat. Seth Troxler - Trust
2. Hijacker - Groov 2 (Bushwacka! Mix)
3. Christian Vance - Chase The Night (Craig McWhinney 's Soft & Warm Mix)
4. Skylark - Krakatoa (Joel Mull Moodswing Mix)
5. Lee Van Dowski & Glimpse - La Cocina Del Cabron
6. Guy J -Lamur (Henry Saiz Mix Edit)
7. Alan Fitzpatrick - Green Light
8. Lance Bioise & Rod B - Faaktree
9. Onionz - Space Bass
10. Paride Saraceni - New Age Acids
11. Magitman -Cat Skin
12. Fergie - Maktub
13. Joey Beltram -Slice 2010 (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
14. Trevor Rockliffe -Move!!
15. Christian Smith - Flyertalk

Disc 2
1. Robbie Rivera -The Main Room Part One
2. Alex Dias -Scientific (Nato Medrado Remix)
3. Count Sinca -Space Cow (Pablo Acenso & Juan Deminicis Mix)
4. Noir -The Off World (Oliver Dahl Remix)
5. Abi Bah - It's A Hybrid (Cari Lekebusch Remix)
6. Tim Baker - Rebirth Of The Saga
7. Joachim Garraud - No Techno In This Room Please
8. Wilson, Smallwood & Ingram - Perfect Sunrise
9. Adam Beyer & Joel Mull - Forming Dies (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
10. Jon Rundell - Damager
11. Umek - Before Violence
12. Steve Mulder -Within Seconds
13. John Dalagelis -Asio (Ananda Project Remix)
14. James Zabiela - Darkness.2
15. Petrae Foy & PJC Project -Long Train
16. Gui Boratto -Take My Breath Away
17. Politeca - What Kind Of World Do You Want?
Monday, 1 February 2010

Renaissance The Masters series - part 14 - Mixed by Dave Seaman

Apparently this will be Dave Seaman's last ever compilation, which I think is a shame. His mixes are top notch and the tune selection close to perfect.

But I can't help feeling that if this is the last, he was in a bit of a rush.

Like a lot of Renaissance mixes, this one took me a while to warm to and disc 1 is now a really welcome arrival when the iPod is on random playback. But as I've got the pod to play random ALBUMS, it means that disc 2 follows the excellent disc 1.

I mean disc 2 only lasts for an hour! What happened to the last bit? I just feel that disc 2 was a bit hurried and to be honest there's little on it which stands out, so I can't say which is my favourite tune. None really do it. But the artists who make up the track listing tell you I don't know what good music is...

But disc 1 is a far better experience and I wish disc 2 was as good. The real stand out tracks for me are the last 4:

Spooky - Outernebula
The Youngsters - The Phoenix
Fiol Lasse - Svedala
Jon Hopkins - Light Through The Veins (Ewan Pearson’s Downtown Lights Remix)

Disc 1 really builds nicely and ends like a proper journey.

So I am bit unhappy with Dave's last ever comp, but I would still recommend you by it. Disc 1 is worth the money on its own.

I just hope Dave comes back and does a few more comps and they are quality on every disc. Sorry Dave, you're a good bloke but this one is only 50% for me.

Disc 1
01. Four Tet - Swimmer
02. Ben Watt - Guinea Pig (Vocal Variation With Julia Biel) ((DJ Koze Remix))
03. Culoe De Song - The Bright Forest
04. Butch Feat. Julie - Soultan
05. Extrawelt - Mit Liese Der Auf Wiese
06. Andre Winter - Trauma c/w UNKLE - Heaven ((King Unique Acapella Remix))
07. Will Saul + Tam Cooper - Through The Smoke
08. Ian Pooley - Compact
09. Sahar Z + Audio Junkies - Beyond Detroit
10. Quivver - Sludge
11. Djuma Soundsystem - Bi Polar
12. Moby - Pale Horses (Gui Boratto’s Last Window Remix)
13. Triangle Feat. Joel Xavier - Three
14. Spooky - Outernebula
15. The Youngsters - The Phoenix
16. Fiol Lasse - Svedala
17. Jon Hopkins - Light Through The Veins (Ewan Pearson’s Downtown Lights Remix)

Disc 2
01. UNKLE - Hold My Hand (Innervisions Orchestra Dub Mix)
02. Guy J - Esperanza
03. Dave Seaman - Gobbledygook (Erphun Remix)
04. Agoria - Baboul Hair Cuttin (Radio Slave Remix)
05. Infusion - So Soon (King Unique Remix)
06. Jay Lumen - Morning Call
07. Nic Fanciulli & Steve Mac - 10%
08. Delphic - Counterpoint (Paul Woolford Remix)
09. Popof - Shades
10. Nick Muir - Fu Man Chew
11. Niko Fantin - Fire Games (Venue 44 Edit)
12. 16 Bit Lolita's - Gig On The Moon
13. Gregor Tresher - The Life Wire
14. Freeland - Mancry (Gui Boratto Remix)
15. Darko Esser - Teardrops