Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Structures - John Digweed

As if two CDs of the Bedrock labels best releases isn't enough, there is an interesting DVD extra to watch, featuring the man himself, +John Digweed.

Ever since Diggers did his Journey By DJ mix, back in 1993, we at Spadang HQ have always been massive fans of his work. The guy really does produce quality mixes and tunes.

Every release of his is awaited impatiently. Structures was no different to any of Digweed's other work.

So what do you get? Like we said at the top, you are treated two quality CDs and a bonus DVD. More on the DVD later.

As is often the case, CD1 is a more mellow journey, to its second disc companion. But this is really nice and the mix builds in the quality way we all expect from Digweed. Some may find it a bit slow, but Spadang loves it. The best track on disc 1 has to be Quivver's Boom Boom. Though King Unique's 2000000 is also top notch (we really like it, when a mix CD has two versions of the same song mixed together!).

Disc 2 picks the pace up and is far more relentless. We think moving to disc 2, straight from 1 really gives the whole album the feeling of a true journey. Our favourite track from disc 2 has to be the Wehbba remix of the excellent Flyertalk, by Christian Smith. Love it!

After you've enjoyed the regular 2 CD mix album, you have the added treat of the bonus DVD. It's really interesting, even if you have been a Digweed fan for as long as we have. The short film entitled The Eye Of The Storm documents Diggers on his recent South American tour. God it makes you realise what a great life these DJs appear to lead. Spadang is bloody jealous of them all and Digweed not the least! John also talks about his DJ origins and how he got started. Are we biased, or is John Digweed a top bloke? Watch the film to judge for yourselves. There are bonus mixes to listen to, on the DVD as well, so it's a real treat and well worth checking out.

The whole package is high quality and if you are a Digweed (and Bedrock!) fan, this is a must have!

Disc 1

1. Colache - Luis Junior
2. Babylon - Dolby, Alex & Santos
3. My Real Name Is - Wiretappeur
4. On And Amp - Mutant Clan
5. No Walls - Dolby, Alex & Santos
6. Cream - Dirty Mongrel
7. Alameda - King Roc & Dimitri Nakov
8. Colmedream - Varela, Cristian
9. Put It To Bed - Rowdent
10. Boom Boom - Quivver
11. Perras A Tutti - Varela, Cristian
12. 2000000 Dubs - King Unique
13. 2000000 Suns - King Unique
14. In Your Boat - Quivver 

Disc 2

1. In Search Of Silver - Warren, Nick
2. Esperanza - Guy J
3. Unexpiritualized - Marzenit, Marc
4. Meteor - Digweed, John & Nick Muir
5. Aurora Borealis - O'Donovan, Ian
6. Jungle Laps - Bailey, Marco
7. Neo Galaxy - Marzenit, Marc
8. Pushin' Too Hard - Saints & Sinners
9. Tangent - Digweed, John & Nick Muir
10. Flyertalk - Smith, Christian
11. Persuader - Mutant Clan
12. Etiam - Varela, Cristian
13. Dreams Are Maps - Sian (2)
14. Rayavadee - Bailey, Marco & Tom Hades
15. Feniksas - King Unique
16. BG Beats - Luis Junior
17. Collusion - Erphun & Thee O
18. Esperanza - Guy J
19. Satellite - Digweed, John & Nick Muir