Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Danny Howells, Dig Deeper Phase 1 review

Danny Howells, Dig Deeper Phase 1 is one of the best mix compilations of 2011. We at Spadang are loving 2011 musically! It's seen some really strong releases from many of our favourite DJs and producers. One of our biggest faves is Danny Howells.

Packed with quality and tracks galore, Dig Deeper Phase 1 (thank the deity of your choice!) is a journey in every sense.

Yes, the track selection is really strong, including many of Danny's own production, but they are also perfectly placed to build the mix to a really strong finale.

Our favourite tune has to be the last one: Flight Home (Matrix Mix). A truly awesome track and a great way to finish.

At Spadang HQ, we remember with some fondness mix compilations from the past, which included a bit of Drum n Bass (Renaissance 4, or Fluoro anybody?). Well Dig Deeper Phase 1 ends in a such a way. Drum n Bass, or tuneful Breaks? Hard to cast the genre perfectly, but good all the same.

As well as the mix, each tune is also supplied unmixed should you wish to try and create an alternative Dig Deeper, Phase 1 yourself! That means for little coinage, you get 43 (yes 43!) tracks, included in your download! Some CD versions were made available, but we suspect they were snapped up quickly (Spadang knows where one copy went!!!).

So 2011 continues to be a great year for music and Dig Deeper, Phase 1 is well worth a listen. Roll on Phase 2!