Tuesday, 28 June 2011

John Digweed, Structures 2 review

Structures 2, mixed by +John Digweed , is another strong release from Digweed's Bedrock label. As if it would be anything else when Diggers has had his "mits" on it! We have been patiently (honest!!) looking forward to this and that patience has been rewarded. All three discs deliver in their own unique way.

Not being massive ambient fans, we didn't expect to love disc 1. But as soon as Guy J's Easy As Can Be (Tom Middleton Beatless Mix) starts (being track 1), you know that this mix is going to be a quality journey of beatifully remixed tunes. Our favourite tune on disc 1 is the remix of Marco Bailey's Beaming (the Downbeat Mix).

As most of these tunes have been around for a while, in "clubbier" guise, the mix is all the more interesting!
From previous reviews, you may have noted that Spadang loves the harder, darker, tougher side of music. We hoped that disc 2 would be closer to our normal taste and it truly is, seeing as it is a mix recorded from Avalon, Los Angeles. Some of Digweed's stuff is a bit too close to Techno (as much as we like him and his style, we've never seen him as a Techno God!) at times, but Structures 2, disc 2 is right where we like a Digweed set to be: strong, tuneful and relentless.

Disc 2 gets off to a great start with King Unique & Anthony Pappa's Vamoosh (King Unique Kosmische Mix). A great intro that moves into a nice hypnotic melody. The further into the mix you go, the deeper and darker it gets. But the tuneful edge is never far away.

Disc 3 is a DJ friendly unmixed selection of tracks taken from the mixes.

Disc 2 has to be our favourite, as its a true mix from a club. But disc 1 really is a beautiful mix, when you want things to be cool.

Another really good compilation of tunes from Mr Digweed: please don't ever retire!