Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Renaissance The Masters Series review

Dave Seaman, Renaissance, The Masters Series, review
Dave Seaman,
Renaissance, The Masters Series
After a year of no Renaissance releases to look forward to, they are back with a great new mix album: Renaissance The Masters Series, mixed by Renaissance favourite, DJ Dave Seaman.

Spadang has been hoping ever since the sad news was first heard, about Renaissance's apparent demise, that it wasn't the end and that Renaissance would return with a bang. If this album is a sign of the future, things look good.

Disc 1 is a mellow journey of progressive tunes, with Sasha's Cut Me Down being a real highlight. The mix gathers steam from hereafter and as ever with a Seaman mix, it ends well! Dave Seaman has a real knack of ending his mixes with some real quality tuneage. Here, disc 1 ends brilliantly with Modifier's Clockwork (penultimate) mixing beautifully into Lanny May's Drowned Bells: a tune with real emotion and energy. We love it!

Disc 2 starts off with Andi Muller's Comedown, which is a tough techno edged offering. The pace picks up from there and a highlight of disc 2 is Boys Noize's Adonis: real emotion, with a relentless edge that really sets up the rest of the mix. Spadang particularly likes Paolo Mojo's Wasted Youth and also how that the mix ends with several samples overlaying Aeroplane's My Enemy (we always like it when Renaissance do this, almost as much as when several versions of the same tune follow each other!).

Disc 2 ends as brilliantly as disc 1, with the powerful Desert Suede produced by Jemmy (featuring JD Jnr).

So after an eternity (it seemed!), Renaissance has returned and returned to form, with a quality mix, from a quality DJ. Let's hope the label and its offerings build on this and prosper for years to come. Good work and good luck!