Friday, 18 November 2011

Sasha, Mixmag Presents Never Say Never CD - Review

Sasha, Mixmag Presents Never Say Never
Sasha, Mixmag Presents Never Say Never

Sasha's Mixmag covermount CD, Never Say Never is a fantastic mix of cool tunes.

Not bad for something stuck on the front of a magazine!
The mix starts with Sasha's own Ushuaia Flight Path - a plinky plink kind of tune! - and mixes perfectly (as if it would be bad!) into Todd Terje's, Snooze 4 Love.
About half way through is the hypnotic sound of Scuba's Adrenalin. One of those tunes that will be in your head for hours... days... weeks...

But the way this mix ends, means tracking it down is a must for anyone who rates quality DJs like Sasha: the last four tunes build to a subtle and excellent finish. Not relentless, but with enough energy to leave you  wanting more (or to go straight to a decent underground dance club!).

Paul Kalkbrenner, Gutes Nitzwerk; Rone, So So So; Scuba, Never and Sasha, Nightpath are all of such quality, that this is the best end to a mix spadang has heard for a long time. We have to rate this mix as a proper Journey. Anything we don't like? It's too short.

Sasha, Mixmag Presents Never Say Never- love it.
Monday, 7 November 2011

Stelios Vassiloudis: It Is What It Is, review

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Stelios Vassiloudis - It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is, a two disc release on John Digweed's influential Bedrock label, is +Stelios Vassiloudis's first artist album. And it's a great debut.Disc 1 treats us to a more ambient selection of tunes, which are sequenced to ensure they contribute to a gentle build up towards the end. Disc 2 gives you a bit more energy and is a good transition(!) from disc 1.

As this is an artist album and not a DJ mix compilation, we aren't going to say disc 1 is a journey. But it is a very likeable selection of tunes with no weak ones to spoil the music as a whole.
Spadang really likes the guitar synths in Clarity and the lovely vocals of Astrid Suryanto, Walk Away are great. A great selection of tunes to relax at home to.

So what about disc 2? Yep, it's the clubbier one of the two and is our favourite. But if you have ever read this blog before, you know spadang prefers the clubbier stuff. Disc 2 is a proper mix, and the edge is a dubby, tech house vibe. It kicks off with the nice and techy Small Hours mixing seemlessly into the equally techy Green In Blue which has some more lush vocals.

Further in and things get dubby and things chug nicely through tunes such as the excellent Reaching and Nowhere.

From Nowhere, the techier The Z follows with its slight tougher edge which some may want to call techno. The Z is the best tune on both discs. We love it!

Disc 2 closes with Repetition, another techno biased tune with a nice bit acid running through it.
It Is What It Is, is a great album from Stelios Vassiloudis and well worth taking seriously. Once again, a strong release from Bedrock.