Friday, 30 March 2012

Collaborations - The Audible Suspects, review

Collaborations The Audio Suspects

is a sumptuously dark, driving progressive house mix, of top quality, mixed by The Audio Suspects (an alliance of Oliver Lieb and Jimmy Van M).

The mix starts off with the rich chords of Oliver Lieb's, Epsilon Eridani Reprise, which mixes seamlessly into the Davide Cali remix of Epsilon Eridani Reprise, so two versions expertly fused to be one killer opening track (we love it when a compilation comes along with several versions of a tune mixed one after the other).

All of the tunes add to the ever driving vibe of Progressive Relentlessness (perhaps we should trademark that term!). The stand out tune has to be the Joel Mull offering: Constant Crescendo.

This sounds more like an extract of a killer set, played at proper underground club, rather than an album prepped for home listening. But listening to it at home will make want to find that club.
Collaborations is a really good mix - but then it is released on Bedrock Recordings.