Tuesday, 11 December 2012

John Digweed, Live In London review

Live In London, is a mix compilation based on a recent set at the Bedrock Anniversary Party at Fire & Lightbox, London: 4 discs (a bumper set of nearly 5 hours!) of some great house, progressive house and techno, mixed sublimely by the legendary DJ +John Digweed .

At Spadang, we look forward to every Digweed compilation, with zeal. In recent years, his mixes have sourced music solely from his influential Bedrock label (no bad thing). But Live In London takes quality tunes from more than just Bedrock, and as good as Bedrock releases are, we think this mix is all the better for not being confined to one source.

Live In London starts smoothly and quietly: discs 1 and 2 take this pattern and patiently build on it, upping the tempo slightly. Disc 3 builds the energy further (though still gradually) and disc 4 is a really tuneful collection of "peak time" music and possibly Digweed's best mix CD for some time.

It's the way the whole thing grows, over the 4 discs that we love. It really makes listening to one disc in isolation, seem wrong:

You have to listen to it all and in order. Or not at all.

Stand out tunes are on disc 2, and the excellent mixes of Mohn - Eberplatz 2020 (the Jörg Burger Mix, followed by the Wolfgang Voigt Hard Trance AtlanticXS Mix) are pure quality.

We love Live In London, here at Spadang HQ, and rate it as one of the best things we've heard in 2012.

If you are unsure about investing here, believe Spadang and know Live In London is quality dance music.