Monday, 30 December 2013

Dance Music Album of the Year


...was a great year for quality dance music, so choosing our best dance album of the year is as hard as ever. What to choose from the likes of  +John Digweed, Live In Argentina, Balance 024, Digweed & Muir's Versus, Balance Presents Guy J, Sasha's Never Say Never and Involver 3 and all the rest?

But we always go with a top three, so we are having to be really brutal this year. We really like Balance 24 and loved Stelios Vassiloudis's Underground Sound of Miami, but we can't change our own rules. Therefore, in reverse order, here are our top three dance music albums of 2013:
  1. Involver 3, mixed by Sasha
    Once again, Sasha creates a typically smooth mix, while remixing each tune especially for the album. All three Involvers are milestones.
  2. John Digweed, Live In Argentina
    We said that we thought this was the best of the Live In series, so far - and we meant it. From disc 1, things build to a banging crescendo on disc 4. Amazing stuff! Like our review says, 2013 really saw Digweed put together some great mixes.
  3. Never Say Never, mixed by Sasha
    But 2013's best mix is a free CD, stuck on the front of a music magazine! Never Say Never is a truly infectious mix with a superb track selection. You really feel like each tune is there because no other was good enough. And that mix between Henry Saiz's I Can Feel It Coming and Bonobo's Eyesdown: incredible. Sasha never disappoints!
At the top we said it’s been brutal choice to narrow 2013 down to three releases. To be honest, we could have mentioned all of the mixes we’ve reviewed again here (plus a few things we didn’t) - we think 2013 was a really strong year for our music. Spadang does feel a bit harsh excluding the likes of Versus (which was/is immense) and Balance Presents Guy J, to name two other highlights.

Without a doubt, the best tune to be remixed in 2013 was Guy J’s remix of the Bedrock monster: Heaven Scent. So good it could have won “best of 2013” on its own. One of the best remixes Spadang has ever heard. Ever.


Choosing a dance album of 2012 has not been easy - it's Feb 2013 now! We've heard a lot of great music and confining the nominees for this prestigious award, to a self imposed three, has been really tricky (just like choosing 2011's winner). But the winner has been clear for a while, even though something has appeared lately that nearly stole the award!

So here are our top 3 albums from 2012.

In reverse order our top 3 dance albums of 2011 are as follows:

  1. Live In Cordoba - +John Digweed 
    Another strong release from Mr Digweed, with his usual mix of tech house and housey techno. Track 1, disc 2 is awesome, making disc 2 our fave.
    Read the full Live In Cordoba review again
  2. Balance 022 - Funk D'Void
    The something that "appeared". In our review of this mix, we stated how stupid we are to have missed this one completely. In our brief time listening to it, Balance 022 has grabbed us and will not let go. Its collection of funk infused tech house has us hooked. We will be listening to it for a very long time to come. So close to the best mix of 2012. And we aren't massice Balance fans...
    Read the full Balance 022 review again
  3. Live In London - John Digweed
    With 4 discs of Diggers, you have to give a lot of time to get into this mix. But it is really worth it. Each disc builds on the previous one to deliver a real journey. If you are regular +Spadang | Dance music reviews  reader's, you will now how much we rate a good journey. This mix goes from London to New York and back. It really is that good. At four discs, it has to be our favourite. Never have we been able to have that much quality music, in one official package.
    Read the full Live In London review again


Choosing a dance album of the year is tricky, as Spadang only reviews the best music. 2011, has been no exception!

So below, we have chosen our top 3 albums, from those we have reviewed over 2011. If any album is omitted, it's not because we no longer like it, but more because we decided to stick to a top 3! Otherwise we'd be reviewing them all again (on second thought, perhaps we should as they are ALL good!).

So, in reverse order our top 3 dance albums of 2011 are as follows:

  1. Balance 018 - Nick Warren
    Undoubtedly a Balance mix, but still has Nick Warren's infleunce of good tuneful music, fused with a more "Balance-like" vibe running through it. Disc 2 is our fave.
    Read the full Balance 018 review again

  2. Dig Deeper Phase 1 - Danny Howells
    A bumper release of quality tunes, and the mixed version is a fantastic journey with a energetic breakbeat/drum n bass finale.
    Read the full Dig Deeper review again

  3. 1000 Words - Guy J
    This has to rank as one of the best artist albums ever. A superb selection of tracks, with some beautiful melodies and thoughtful grooves. Brilliant stuff, from start to finish.
    Read the full 1000 Words review again
Sunday, 15 December 2013

"John Digweed, Live In Argentina" review

John Digweed, Live In Argentina

+John Digweed's Live In Argentina is bloody amazing. 4 discs of proper Diggers as he weaves a full on, peak time spell of a mix. Deep dark progressive house, with just enough melody. This is a really really good mix and the best of the "Live In" series so far. High praise that's totally deserved!

Yes, Spadang is totally biased where any Digweed mix is concerned. And, yes we don't care if that's seen as being shallow or anything else. We can't help being biased in a year, where we have already had the excellent Versus, and Live In Slovenia! So to round off a great year we are being treated to the masterful Live In Argentina. Its better, even than we hoped it would be. 2013 has seen John Digweed at the top of his game.

So tell us then, why do you think Live In Argentina is that good?

We'll tell you why its that good, one disc at a time!

Disc 1 begins this mammoth journey with some cool and slightly down tempo tunes, before building gradually to set up disc 2. It's really well paced and the track selection is near perfect (as is track order). There are many great tunes on disc 1, but Jimpsters, Brought To Bare ft. Jonatan Bäckelie and SuSoul's, Cosmic Theater stand out as the ones where the pace of the mix begins to pickup,

Disc 2 takes up from where disc 1 finishes and takes things up a few notches to prepare you for discs 3 and 4. Disc 2 has some nice techy sounds mixed with some higher tempo offerings such as the excellent Come Save Me, by Jagwar Ma. We really like this tune. Its from here, that you can sense that the final two discs will be seriously special. Mr Digweed did say that discs 3 and 4 were the more "peak time" of the four (and he is right!). Other tunes we like on disc 2 are Traumer's, Sofa and also the double helping of Deetron's, Rhythm. We love it when two versions of a tune are paired together like this.

Disc 3 is where things quickly become peak time. You are grabbed by Dan Curtain's, Got Me Somethin and you aren't let go until the final tune, being Alex Niggemann's, Tangram (The Bright End). But in between them, all of the tunes are great. Spadang is struggling to pick one or two, for special mention. Listen and you will see what we mean.

Disc 4 continues, from where disc 3 left off. You are immediatley reunited with the relentless urgency of disc 3. Straight away, Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg's, You Know reminds you that this is the final disc and that its gonna be like this all the way through. As with disc 3, Spadang can't pick any favourite tunes, as they are all good and deserving of their place in this excellent mix.

And that is why Live In Argentina is so good! Perfectly paced throughout and building oh so well, with superb tune selections, Spadang is really pleased with the result.

Aren't you forgetting the accompanying DVD?

Thanks, I was just coming to that! In brief, cameras followed Digweed around, while he was playing in Argentina and a nice documentary is the result, detailing why John likes Argentine crowds so much (amongst other things), together with footage of the gigs he played. So its an ideal (and welcome) bonus, if you are a John Digweed fan.

Isn't saying this is the best Live In mix so far a bit unfair, when the others have all been so good?

Not really. Yes, they are all good and Live In London is truly great, where Live In Slovenia is awesome too. But Live In Argentina is a just perfect. Although Slovenia was trumpeted as a Digweed peak time set, Live In Argentina surpasses it. Like Slovenia, its tunes are also dark and heavy, but here they have enough melody not to be too percussive. That is what Spadang really likes about this mix.

So Live In Argentina is a real gem of a mix and at 4 discs (and a DVD), its an awesome package too. We will be enjoying it for a long time to come.
Sunday, 8 December 2013

Balance 024, mixed by Danny Howells

Danny Howells once again has produced a mix compilation of the highest quality, in Balance 024, by focusing on what he is famous for: atmospheric, mesmerising dance music.

Disc 1, That Mix, is a cool collection of tunes which sets up the more uptempo disc 2 nicely. Both discs are full of quality tunes, so anyone who likes Danny's style, will be very happy with Balance 024. So that includes all of us at Spadang HQ!

So what's Balance 024, disc 1 like then?
It's a nice thoughtfully envisaged set of eclectic tunes, which are both easy to listen to, but also build across the disc with purpose. All of those present are good, but we particularly like Ivano Tetelepta's Smokin' G, The Mole's Our Time Has Come, Jimpster's Porchlight And Rocking Chairs, Sisterhood's Call Me Ishmael, Robot Needs Oil's Mood Swings and the legendary Ian Pooley's I Got You. All of these are quality and make disc 1, of Balance 024, a rewarding listen. A great way to set up disc 2...

Balance 024, disc 2 is good then?
Yes, it's our favourite of the two. As much as a well put together downtempo/ambient mix can be, we always look forward to the more urgent side of dance music.

Disc 2, This Mix, starts off where disc 1 left off, and builds on it with a (slightly) clubbier feel. As with disc 1, there are a lot of good tunes to enjoy, but we really liked the way the mix builds from Rompante's Save Me From This Kaos, through to Jagwar Ma's Four: Natasha Waters's vocals in Pages are hypnotic and Crimea X's Dream Is Gone is just amazing with its techy touches of brilliance!

Overall, our favourite tune has to be Kaltehand/Natasha Waters's Pages, mainly for those amazing vocals, but also for what this tune leads into. The end of disc 2 really is strong.

All in all, Balance 024 is really good?
Yes, it's another strong release from Balance Music and Spadang has to admit that the recent additions to the series are making us like it more and more. We weren't keen on the early ones. But when a compilation has Danny Howells's name on it, we know that this is a mix we will be enjoying for a long time to come.

Global Underground 027 - Miami and all of the Nocturnal Frequencies series are still regular listens for us. And Dig Deeper Phase 1 was a real treat, in 2011.

Balance 024 is another strong mix, from Danny Howells.

That mix

1) Essay – Find You (Desolate’s Get Together Mix) [Fauxpas Musik]
2) Four Tet – Lion (Jamie XX remix) [Text]
3) Lady Blacktronika – Song Of Love Overdue [Your Only Friend Recordings]
4) Ivano Tetelepta – Smokin’ G [Fear of Flying]
5) Michael Mayer – Mantasy (Will Saul & October Mix) [Kompakt]
6) The Mole – Our Time Has Come [Maybe Tomorrow]
7) The Mole – A Daily Affair [Maybe Tomorrow]
8) Joakim – Another Light [Tigersushi]
9) Jimpster – Porchlight And Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix) [Freerange]
10) Sisterhood – Call Me Ishmael [Tief]
11) Robot Needs Oil – Mood Swings (Simon Garcia Remix) [Artreform]
12) Ian Pooley – I Got You (Matthias Vogt Remix) [Pooled Music]
13) Nicco – Its Over (Oxia Remix) [Recline Music]
14) A.W.O.L. – The Ramp [Suol]
15) Alland Byallo – A Red Dilemma (Brooks Mosher Spirit Box remix) [Release Sustain]
16) Axel Boman – Look What You’ve Done To Me [Hypercolour]

This mix

1) Maricopa – Neon Shoals [Back to the Balearics]
2) Campion – Ekul (Soul Renegades remix) [Audio Parallax Records]
3) Shur-I-Kan – One Ten [Lazy Days Records]
4) Sixth Avenue Express – Can’t Stop Feelin’ (Deep Sound Express Dub) [Pole Position Recordings]
5) Seva K – Falling (Original Mix) [Audio Tonic Records]
6) Durerstuben – Haeckls Kosmos [Pampa]
7) Chopstick & Johnjon ft. Signaljacker – Roots (Original Instrumental Mix) [Suol]
8) Le Loup – Brotherland (Daze Maxim’s remix) [Eklo]
9) Rompante – Save Me From This Kaos [Liebe Detail]
10) Kaltehand / Natasha Waters – Pages (Ewan Pearson Remix) [K/NW]
11) Crimea X – Yev (Prins Thomas Diskomiks remix) [Hell Yeah Recordings]
12) Crimea X – Dream is Gone (Prins Thomas Diskomiks remix) [Hell Yeah Recordings]
13) Jagwar Ma – Four [Future Classic]
14) Sandrien – Haters [Wolfskuil Records]
Thursday, 10 October 2013

John Digweed and Nick Muir Versus, review

+John Digweed and Nick Muir, Versus is three discs of great house and techno, from Bedrock favourites, such as Pig & Dan, Henry Saiz, Guy J, Christian Smith and more (what a line up!).

Disc 1 is mixed with the perfection that John Digweed always delivers. Unlike other Diggers mixes, this one is ever so slightly less percussive and laden with a touch more melody. Only a bit, but just enough. Starting with Henry Saiz's hypnotic Lupine (amazing tune) and followed by Jozif's Groove Del Verano (gorgeous keyboard melody in here), the mix builds and by the time Marco Bailey's Red Tape kicks in, the vibe is strong and clubby. We are really loving this mix.

Other tracks worth mentioning are Pig & Dan's Morphism and Psycatron's brilliant Awakenings. Then there is Guy J's take on the Bedrock classic Heaven Scent, the final tune of this great mix...

Guy J's remix of Heaven Scent deserves special mention, not just because it is the best tune on the whole album, but also because it is a superb remix of a much loved original. The famous Heaven Scent melody isn't obvious here, but don't worry, its been replaced by an urgency which turns Heaven Scent into a true "heads down, arms up" tune - even more than the original, if that's possible. You could even call it "peak time". It's a really strong tune to end the mix with. We love it. A lot!

Disc 2 of Versus provides unmixed versions of the tunes on disc 1, with the exception of Heaven Scent and Psycatron's Awakenings. So you now know that all of the tracks here are good, if you've bothered to read the opening paragraphs!

Versus, disc 3 is described as an "Electronica" disc. What you have here, is eight totally new tracks, produced by Digweed & Muir, in an ambient mood!

Eight tracks! That could be an artist album in its own right! Spadang does like the ambient side of music, so this disc is a nice treat. Our favourite track is Gigawave, closely followed by Larco. But the whole disc is a nice Sunday morning listen.

What about the packaging? Isn't that worth a mention?

Sure is. It's a step up from the norm: If you remember the quality packaging of earlier Renaissance releases, you will be pleased to find Versus comes in an embossed box, containing individual wallets for each disc. In addition, there are generous sleeve notes, about each contributing artist and their tune (if you ordered early, you even got a signed "thank you" card from John and Nick!). The quality artwork, found on a Renaissance offering isn't here, but Bedrock don't do that - that's what Renaissance do (brilliantly). But the quality packaging, is the same and needs to be mentioned.

So yes, John Digweed & Nick Muir, Versus is really really good and needs to be purchased. Especially in CD format.

Disc 1
1. Lupine – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Henry Saiz
2. Groove Del Verano – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Jozif
3. Forge – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Second-Hand Satellites
4. Morphism – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Pig&Dan
5. Prism – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Jamie Stevens
6. Red Tape – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Marco Bailey
7. Dawnbreaker – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Ian O’Donovan
8. Infinity Road – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Carlo Lio
9. Mantis – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Christian Smith & Wehbba
10. Awakenings – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Psycatron
11. Blue Tongue – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus The Japanese Popstars
12. Heaven Scent – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Guy J

Disc 2
1. Mantis – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Christian Smith & Wehbba
2. Morphism – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Pig&Dan
3. Blue Tongue – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus The Japanese Popstars
4. Infinity Road – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Carlo Lio
5. Red Tape – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Marco Bailey
6. Prism – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Jamie Stevens
7. Dawnbreaker – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Ian O’Donovan
8. Forge – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Second-Hand Satellites
9. Lupine – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Henry Saiz
10. Groove Del Verano – John Digweed & Nick Muir Versus Jozif

Disc 3
1. Gigawave – John Digweed & Nick Muir
2. Bubblenet – John Digweed & Nick Muir
3. Prism – John Digweed & Nick Muir
4. Timestone – John Digweed & Nick Muir
5. Larco – John Digweed & Nick Muir
6. Buried Heart – John Digweed & Nick Muir
7. Circle Square – John Digweed & Nick Muir
8. Hollow World – John Digweed & Nick Muir
Thursday, 29 August 2013

Balance Presents Guy J, review

Balance presents Guy J
Guy J's mix for the Balance mix album series is full of his staple sound of techy tunes, infused with beautiful and lush melodies. Balance Presents Guy J is a great mix album, but leaves you asking one question only. More on that at the end.

Never one to hit you straight between the eyes with his mixes, Guy J's Balance opens up with the lush (and long) intro of "DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures – No One Gets Left Behind (Guy J Remix)". The mix into track 2's "Roger Martinez & Secret Cinema – Menthol Raga (Guy J Remix)" is thoughtful and mesmerizing. At this early stage, its clear that a quality listening experience is about to had.

As the mix proceeds, this becomes fact as one after the other, each tune builds on its predecessor. What we have here is a tech house/progressive type of journey. It's really nice.

So, what is the best tune on the album?

Well, they are all good but if Spadang is pushed to choose, Echomen – Perpetual (Guy J Remix): stunning.

A few other reviews of this album imply that this is quite a deep and dark mix. We have no problem at with that sort of sound, but neither applies to this Guy J mix (well we think that, anyway). No, the whole mix is about the sort of sound you'd expect to come from a great producer/DJ who is really at the top of his game here.

So tell us, what question needs answering? We can't bear the pressure of not knowing.

Simply put: Balance Presents Guy J? What is the Balance series doing only giving Guy J a "presents" entry in their impressive line up of mixes? Surely Guy J should have been given a slot in the main Balance series?

As you all know, Guy J has released two brilliant artist albums and is an awesome DJ. Oh and he now has a successful recording label, of his own too!

It's rumoured the brilliant Robert Babicz, is to get a stab at the main Balance series soon: If Robert Babicz is big enough, then so is Guy J.

But that minor quibble aside, Balance Presents Guy J is a great mix and well worth you attention. Quality all the way.

1. No One Gets Left Behind (Guy J Remix) - DJ Yellow
2. Menthol Raga (Guy J Remix) - Secret Cinema
3. Santa Fe (Guy J Remix) - Henry Saiz
4. Migrants (Radio Slave Accapella Guy J Edit/remix) - Juan Deminicis
5. Once Upon a Time (Guy J Remix) - Juan Deminicis
6. Phases of Grief (Guy J Remix) - Navar
7. Fever (Pezzner Mix/City Life Accapella Guy J Edit/remix) - DJ T.
8. Waitin' (Charles Webster Mix Guy J Edit/remix) - Lanoiraude
9. Day One (Guy J Remix) - Dactilar
10. Perpetual (Guy J Remix) - Echomen
11. I'm Your Country (Guy J Remix) - Guy Mantzur
12. Killa (Guy J Remix) - Way Out West
13. Duba (Guy J Remix) - Robert Babicz
Friday, 23 August 2013

Never Say Never (July 2013), mixed by Sasha - review

Never Say Never (July 2013), mixed by Sasha - review
Sasha delivers a covermount mix CD, courtesy of Mixmag, just like he did in 2011. And, just like the mix of 2011, this is an amazing journey of a mix. Full of trademark Sasha tracks from the likes of the excellent Henry Saiz.

The Mixmag cover mount CD from 2011 blew us away and this mix does too. Possibly more so.

Spadang as you may have guessed, from reading our other reviews is a HUGE fan of Sasha, since before his landmark Renaissance mix. But to say this mix is as good as we think it is, is not through bias: it's because it really IS that good.

Right from the start, Home Video's "Every Love That Ever Was" grabs you and the mix doesn't let you go until the last dying seconds of Phon.o's "Scnn33". There are no weak (space filler) tunes in between either. You really feel that each tune was picked out of choice, to deliver a mix of perfection.

But is there a stand out track?
Yes, Henry Saiz's "I Can Feel It Coming" is the best tune, amongst some really strong competition. It's melody and hypnotic vocal are intoxicating.

But it's the the way Sasha has mixed this tune with what follows, that is really impressive. The mix goes on for a long long time and the vocal "I Can Feel It Coming" pervades brilliantly, in the background of the excellent Bonobo's "Eyesdown".

Baikal's "Why Don’t Ya" (Ripperton remix), also stands out as the most peak time track of the whole mix - a great way to set up the ending of the mix.

If you didn't buy the edition of Mixmag, that this was attached to, it's a shame: you've missed out.

When we reviewed Sasha's Mixmag cover mount from 2011, we said much the same as we do here:

"We have to rate this mix as a proper Journey. Anything we don't like? It's too short."

1. Home Video - ‘Every Love That Ever Was’ (Sasha edit)
2. MOTSA - ‘Sleepless Nights’
3. Miyagi - ‘Goodbye Girl’ (Fairmont remix)
4. Henry Saiz - ‘I Can Feel It Coming’
5. Bonobo - ‘Eyesdown’ (Sasha remix)
6. Chaim - ‘What’s Your Name’
7. Dusky - ‘Mr Man’
8. Henrik Schwarz - ‘Take Words In Return’
9. Henrik Schwarz - ‘Take Words In Return’ (C2 remix)
10. Arthur Oskan - ‘Omegaman’
11. Andhim - ‘Wizard of Us’
12. Henry Saiz feat eloy - ‘It’s Not Over’
13. Baikal - ‘Why Don’t Ya’ (Ripperton remix)
14. Phon.o -‘Scnn33’
Wednesday, 15 May 2013

John Digweed, Live In Slovenia review

+John Digweed Live In Slovenia is described as an intense, peak time set. And it is. This is Diggers at the relentless end of his musical style: deep, dark, driving and oh so proggy. This is a review we've really enjoyed writing!

Disc 1 gets straight to the point of confirming that this is indeed an intense journey of a mix. With its strong bassline, Sebo K's Scenario (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) really sets the tone for what is to follow: surging, rumbling bass in nearly every track. Intense? YES! Peak time? DEFINITELY!

But the stand out track on disc 1 has to be Pig & Dan with Mark Reeve's Bubbles. What a tune!

Petrichor's On Tides finishes the first disc with a melodic, but deep crescendo.

Disc 2 kicks off with Balls (Big Mix) by the techno maestro that is Josh Wink. That's all you need to know about this track. From this start, disc 2 just gets more and more relentless and by the time Digweed & Muir's Awakenings arrives the mix really is at full speed. Awakenings is a true peak time tune and probably Spadang's favourite, of the whole mix. But there are no space filler tracks in here:  they are all here to contribute to the journey that Digweed takes you on.

The final three tunes carry on from Awakenings, with similar urgency. Disc 2 is just as solid as disc 1. Both discs make up a great mix and one that truly does live up to the promotional words (which got Spadang so excited):

"Recorded Live in Slovenia on March 30th 2013  this double CD release captures John laying down an intense peak time set spread over 2 cd`s..."

Lovers of a melody may be disappointed, but if you like your tunes bass driven, you'll love both discs. You often hear about certain mix albums that have been compiled with "home listening in mind". Live In Slovenia, is not one of those. It's got the feel of coming straight out of a dark, underground club.

Now Spadang has always made it very clear, that the darker and deeper end of dance music is where we like to be. With that in mind, we are truly in Slovenia!

Disc: 1
1. Scenario (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) - Sebo K
2. Raw Land - Daniel Dexter
3. Buy Underground - Siopsis
4. Fix Me - Dubspeeka
5. Move It - Mark Reeve
6. Nummer 2 (Pig&Dan Remix) -
7. Namaste (Ramon Tapia Tuff Tuff Remix) - Monika Kruse
8. Bully - Dubspeeka
9. Bubbles - Pig and Dan/Mark Reeve
10. Fire in My Arms - Sam Paganini
11. Utopia - Danny Serrano
12. On Tides - Petrichor

Disc: 2
1. Balls (Big Mix) - Josh Wink
2. Nyhus Part One - Jesper Dahlback
3. BTX2 - Len Faki
4. Drop That - Daniel Gorziza
5. New World - Luigi Madonna
6. Culture - Anton Pieete
7. Blackout: White Noise (Feat. Chelonis R. Jones) (Club Mix) - Booka Shade
8. Glory Box - Booka Shade
9. Long Time Awaited - Coyu
10. Simplistix (Sébastien Léger Remix) - Kaiserdisco
11. Sweet Willy - Robert Capuano
12. Awakenings - John Digweed & Nick Muir vs. Psycatron
13. XTC (The Chemical Brothers Remix) - Boys Noize
14. Lyoc - Maxime Dangles
15. Every Inch (Deetron Remix) - George Fitzgerald
Monday, 29 April 2013

John Digweed, Live In Slovenia

Review of Live In Slovenia up now! Enjoy.


Giving Live In Slovenia, it's first listen. All good so far. Review to follow.


And now there's a preview mix of CD2! NOPE, I'M NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO IT!

We are gonna wait.


REALLY excited now, but determined NOT to listen this preview, so we can enjoy the whole mix, when it's released!


The good times just keep coming!

"Recorded Live in Slovenia on March 30th 2013  this double CD release captures John laying down an intense peak time set spread over 2 cd`s, Featuring 27 tracks of techno and tech house including the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Booka Shade, Boys Noize, Josh Wink, Len Faki, Deetron and Pig&Dan to name a few."

The words "intense" and "peak time" have really got us excited. As much as we love Diggers's mixes, the thought of a proper Digweed mix - a full on clubby journey, get us totally hyped!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Underground Sound of Miami - Series 2, mixed by Stelios Vassiloudis - review

A 2 disc release, one mixed, of Bedrock releases. The Underground Sound of Miami, series 2 delivers a very cool collection of progressive and tech house tunes.

Compiled and mixed by +Stelios Vassiloudis, his style of play is evident across both discs: very cool and laid back, but building to a clubby finale.

Spadang loves a good mix, as regular readers will know. So no one will be surprised when we confirm that the mixed disc is a absolute favourite. Stelios has compiled and paced this mix beautifully and a true journey is the result.

Things start with Guy J's lush Twenty 11. Robert Babicz is also in, with It Just So Happens. But things really pick up with Pig & Dan's The Sudden Rush, which is followed Laine's Phonogenic and Stelio's own Disambiguation.

By the time Rob Hes's Simplicity arrives, the clubbier feel is well and truly evident and the end of this mix is properly "heads down, arms up".

Listen to the unmixed disc first and then get into the main event, that is the mix. Stelios Vassiloudis's mixing is seamless and the order of play perfect.

After being really pleased with last weeks Involv3r, its a really nice surprise to receive Underground Sound of Miami, Series 2. Spadang, now has two great mixes to enjoy.

Disc: 1
1. Twenty 11 - Guy J
2. Panda Keys - Stelios Vassiloudis
3. It Just So Happens - Robert Babicz
4. Laine - Phonogenic
5. Crimson Flare - Ian O'Donovan
6. Simplicity - Rob Hes
7. Default In Your Mind - Elio Riso
8. The Sudden Rush - Pig & Dan
9. Eagles & Butterflies - Eagles & Butterflies
10. Edu Yattah - Edu Yattah
11. Ramp - The Japanese Popstars

Disc: 2
1. Twenty 11 - Guy J
2. Eagles & Butterflies - Eagles & Butterflies
3. Eagles & Butterflies - Eagles & Butterflies
4. It Just So Happens - Robert Babicz
5. The Sudden Rush - Pig & Dan
6. Laine - Phonogenic
7. Disambiguation - Stelios Vassiloudis
8. Default In Your Mind - Elio Riso
9. Crimson Flare - Ian O'Donovan
10. Simplicity - Rob Hes
11. Edu Yattah - Edu Yattah
12. Ramp - The Japanese Popstars
Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Involver 3, mixed by Sasha, review

Sasha's Involver 3 (correctly written as Involv3r) has finally arrived and to Spadang's relief, it's great. It's been a long time coming and for it to be anything less than great, would have been a terrible thing.

The intro (Taragana Pyjarama feat. Kicki Halmos – Growing Forehead -  Sasha Involv3r Remix) is lush and soothing and things stay like that up to track 3, Little Dragons, Crystal Film (Sasha Involv3r Remix). But out of all three Involvers, this one is the most uptempo. Spadang isn't going to say it's a clubbier vibe, as we don't think that is what the Involver series is about. But it's definitely got more urgency than Involver and Invol2ver put together.

There are quite a few vocal tracks on here too, which is also a bit of a change to volumes 1 and 2. But at Spadang Towers, we are quite refreshed by it. Especially as the track selection is so good.

We've listened to Involv3r several times now and don't think any track is out of place and they are all strong choices. As mentioned, track one has a great intro from which the whole mix builds nicely.

But the stand out track is James Zabiela's, The Healing (Sasha Involv3r Remix). Spadang loves it!

It's nice that this time around, the main mix on disc 1 is accompanied by a "Beatless" disc 2. The Beatless disc contains different versions of 7 tracks from the main mix. Ultraista's Smalltalk is the best of the bunch, but all of them are quality tunes.

If you have been lovers of Sasha's musical style for as long as we have, Involv3r will have been well worth the wait.

Sasha has excelled once more. But the wait was too long!

Disc 1
  1. Taragana Pyjarama feat. Kicki Halmos – Growing Forehead (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  2. ThermalBear feat. Arrow Down – Turn The Tide (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  3. Little Dragon – Crystal Film (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  4. The XX – Chained (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  5. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka feat. Abigail Wyles – Battleships (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  6. Ultraista – Smalltalk (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  7. Ananda Project – Moment Before Dreaming (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  8. James Zabeila – The Healing (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  9. Blondes – Wine (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  10. Keep Shelley In Athens – DIY (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
  11. Sasha feat. Kicki Halmos – Shoot You Down
  12. Foals – Late Night (Sasha Involv3r Remix)
Disc 2
  1. Taragana Pyjarama (Feat Kicki Halmos) – Growing Forehead (Sasha Beatless Remix)
  2. ThermalBear (Feat Arrow Down) – Turn The Table (Sasha Beatless Remix)
  3. Little Dragon – Crystal Film (Sasha Beatless Remix)
  4. The aa – Chained (Sasha Beatless Remix)
  5. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka (Feat Abigail Wyles) – Battleships (Sasha Beatless Remix)
  6. Ultraista – Smalltalk (Sasha Beatless Remix)
  7. Ananda Project – Moment Before Dreaming (Sasha Beatless Remix)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Donna Summer - I Feel Love (L8M8 & Jackmin's Special Remix)

A really intelligent remix of an undoubted classic, of a true legend.

Well worth the 8 minutes and 15 seconds.

And it's free to download, as of today's date.

"Lithuanian duo L8M8 & Jackmin pay tribute to the late great disco diva with this Special Remix of her greatest hit."
Thursday, 7 February 2013

Album of the year, 2012

We've finally decided which mix album from 2012 is best. It's been tricky and the award was so nearly snatched at the last minute.

Find out who won our coveted award and who the other finalists were.

Balance 022, Funk D'Void - review

Balance 022, mixed by Funk D'Void is the best of the Balance series so far. Timo Maas? Yep it's better than that. +Nick Warren? Errrmmm... yep it IS better than that. It really is that good!

At Spadang HQ, we just can't believe we missed it, when it was released! What the hell were we doing that was more important?

We do like Funk D'Void's tech edged style a lot, and Balance 022 is bulging with his trade mark sound.

Disc 1 is a great funk biased collection of tech house tuneage and moves along at a steady pace. Each tune is quality and the whole disc is strong. Spadang's best tune (and it's a tough choice!) is Mike Acetate's Elevate.

Disc 2 is a little tougher, but not much. Once again, the track selection is all quality and well thought out. The best tune on here, is Electric Counterpoint (Fast) - Pat Metheny.

If pushed to choose a favourite disc, Spadang would go for disc 1. But honestly, both discs are really good and will be on repeat play for some time to come.

As said in our review of Balance 018, we aren't massive fans of the Balance series, but when you hear something as good as Balance 022, you have to respect the series for showcasing some quality DJs.

Balance 022 is well worth your time and money!

Disc 1
1. Introduction (Funk D'Void Remix) - Hawkinson
2. Yesterday & Today - Monty Luke
3. Olmec My Brother - Los Hermanos
4. Razor - Chris Malinchak
5. Lucky Punch - Peter Dildo
6. Effingham PL - Arkist
7. Orca (Dub) - Tonka
8. Elevate (Shur-I-Kan Vs. Milton Jackson Remix) - Mike Acetate
9. Return of the Annunaki (John Tejeda Cinematic Edit) - Soy Mustafa
10. Talker (Drum Dub Mix) - Moodymanc
11. Lost Forever in a Happy Crowd - Exercise One & Mathew Jonson
12. Confuted - Guy Andrews
13. Wires - Delano Smith
14. Weight Off My Mind - Sam Matters
15. The Chase (Steve Rachmad Edit) - Chymera
16. Nyhus Part Two - Jesper Dahlback
17. Only With Your Eyes - Pezzner
18. Sedona (Andre Lodemann Remix) - Spirit Catcher
19. A Very Different World (Funk D'Void Remix) - Vincent I. Watson
20. Loving You - Tony Lionni
21. Diabla (Psycatron Unreleased Remix) - Funk D'Void

Disc 2
1. Suspended On Air - Alucidnation
2. Waiting For - Kolombo
3. Delve - Lee Webster
4. Electric Counterpoint (Fast) - Pat Metheny
5. Running Backwards - Lovebirds
6. Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere - Space Dimension Controller
7. Hommage (Joash Remix) - Martin Patino
8. Dark Journey (Toby Tobias' Journey to the Light Remix) - Outmode
9. Celtic Beauty - Vincent I. Watson
10. Assassin (Funk D'Void Remix) - Joash
11. Re-2001 - Joris Voorn
12. Bite the Bullet (Francis Dubois Remix) - Chaser
13. Go Through Me - Tom Ellis
14. Can U Sing - DJ Profile
15. Alles Mainstream - Rhythm Maker
16. Tones & Things - Patrice Scott
17. Out of Order (Rob Acid Version) - Robert Babicz
18. Makin' Love - Soundstream
19. Headroom - Blackman
20. Prism - Phil Kieran
21. 1999 - The Reboot Joy Confession
22. Untitled State of Mind - Wasted Gaze
23. Sweet Spot - Francois Dubois
24. You Say - Dennis DeSantis

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Involv3r coming soon?

After months (or is it years?), Sasha is to release the anticipated Involv3r mix compilation.

The release date currently quoted as being 18 March 2013!

Let's hope it finally happens, as we at Spadang HQ are getting impatient.

Hoping for the best.

18 March 2013
It's finally here and very good it is. Read Spadang's review.
Sunday, 27 January 2013

Renaissance, The Masters Series, part 18 - mixed by Nick Warren

Renaissance, The Masters Series, part 18
+Nick Warren is one of our favourite DJs, so when we learnt he was producing his second mix for Renaissance - The Masters Series, part 18, we were really excited: a worthy member of Renaissance's Masters Series!

Nick's previous Renaissance out was a single disc mix, forming part of the excellent Renaissance Revelation (the other disc, on that compilation being mixed by Danny Howells, of course), so this is his first Renaissance mix, which is all his own. And really good it it is.

Disc 1 is a smooth collection of ambient tunes, which are cooler than the coolest mojito (yes, have a really unhealthy liking for them!) and disc 2 is more up tempo, but still very cool and smooth.

Which disc do we like best, here at Spadang HQ? It doesn't seem to matter who the DJ is, Spadang almost always prefers disc 2, of any compilation and The Masters Series, part 18 is no exception. We've always preferred the uptempo side of dance music, even though the ambient collection of tunes here, is beautiful.

If you are looking for a more "peak time" mix, The Masters Series, part 18 isn't for you. But if you want intelligent dance music, with a heart, then you will enjoy this compilation.

Disc 1

  1. Aurtas – Introduction
  2. DFRNT – Nocturne Part 1 (feat. Annabelle Guilhem)
  3. Tripswitch – Still Seas
  4. Pedro Aguiar – The Voices In My Head
  5. I Awake – Labyrinth
  6. SCSI-9 – Ellsworth Land
  7. DFRNT – El Spirito (Beatless Version)
  8. Circular – City Pulse
  9. Cell – Take off
  10. Terje Saether – Oia
  11. Nick Warren – Buenos Aires (Luis Bondio Dub Remix)
  12. Tripswitch – Sick Teckers
  13. Nick Warren – Devil’s Elbow
  14. Excession – Ambilight
  15. Audioglider – Summer Rainstorm
  16. Levente – Naja Haje (Ambient Mix)
  17. Bubble Club – The Goddess
  18. James Monro – Ambientworkx7
  19. Yppah – Blue Schwinn

Disc 2

  1. Levente – Tunneling
  2. Cristian R – Deimos
  3. Darren Flecta – In Moments
  4. Darin Epsilon – Shine The Light
  5. Levente – Csillagok
  6. SimpliCity – Singing Or Speaking
  7. Doomwork – All About
  8. Sam Waller – I Pointi Pointi
  9. Cesar Lombardi & Luis Bondio – Toro
  10. David Calo – Moving myself
  11. Tom Glass – Welcome To The Sun
  12. Nicholas Ruiz & Marko Zalezar – Choir
  13. Miraculum – Constellation
  14. Verche – Corals