Sunday, 27 January 2013

Renaissance, The Masters Series, part 18 - mixed by Nick Warren

Renaissance, The Masters Series, part 18
+Nick Warren is one of our favourite DJs, so when we learnt he was producing his second mix for Renaissance - The Masters Series, part 18, we were really excited: a worthy member of Renaissance's Masters Series!

Nick's previous Renaissance out was a single disc mix, forming part of the excellent Renaissance Revelation (the other disc, on that compilation being mixed by Danny Howells, of course), so this is his first Renaissance mix, which is all his own. And really good it it is.

Disc 1 is a smooth collection of ambient tunes, which are cooler than the coolest mojito (yes, have a really unhealthy liking for them!) and disc 2 is more up tempo, but still very cool and smooth.

Which disc do we like best, here at Spadang HQ? It doesn't seem to matter who the DJ is, Spadang almost always prefers disc 2, of any compilation and The Masters Series, part 18 is no exception. We've always preferred the uptempo side of dance music, even though the ambient collection of tunes here, is beautiful.

If you are looking for a more "peak time" mix, The Masters Series, part 18 isn't for you. But if you want intelligent dance music, with a heart, then you will enjoy this compilation.

Disc 1

  1. Aurtas – Introduction
  2. DFRNT – Nocturne Part 1 (feat. Annabelle Guilhem)
  3. Tripswitch – Still Seas
  4. Pedro Aguiar – The Voices In My Head
  5. I Awake – Labyrinth
  6. SCSI-9 – Ellsworth Land
  7. DFRNT – El Spirito (Beatless Version)
  8. Circular – City Pulse
  9. Cell – Take off
  10. Terje Saether – Oia
  11. Nick Warren – Buenos Aires (Luis Bondio Dub Remix)
  12. Tripswitch – Sick Teckers
  13. Nick Warren – Devil’s Elbow
  14. Excession – Ambilight
  15. Audioglider – Summer Rainstorm
  16. Levente – Naja Haje (Ambient Mix)
  17. Bubble Club – The Goddess
  18. James Monro – Ambientworkx7
  19. Yppah – Blue Schwinn

Disc 2

  1. Levente – Tunneling
  2. Cristian R – Deimos
  3. Darren Flecta – In Moments
  4. Darin Epsilon – Shine The Light
  5. Levente – Csillagok
  6. SimpliCity – Singing Or Speaking
  7. Doomwork – All About
  8. Sam Waller – I Pointi Pointi
  9. Cesar Lombardi & Luis Bondio – Toro
  10. David Calo – Moving myself
  11. Tom Glass – Welcome To The Sun
  12. Nicholas Ruiz & Marko Zalezar – Choir
  13. Miraculum – Constellation
  14. Verche – Corals