Thursday, 7 February 2013

Balance 022, Funk D'Void - review

Balance 022, mixed by Funk D'Void is the best of the Balance series so far. Timo Maas? Yep it's better than that. +Nick Warren? Errrmmm... yep it IS better than that. It really is that good!

At Spadang HQ, we just can't believe we missed it, when it was released! What the hell were we doing that was more important?

We do like Funk D'Void's tech edged style a lot, and Balance 022 is bulging with his trade mark sound.

Disc 1 is a great funk biased collection of tech house tuneage and moves along at a steady pace. Each tune is quality and the whole disc is strong. Spadang's best tune (and it's a tough choice!) is Mike Acetate's Elevate.

Disc 2 is a little tougher, but not much. Once again, the track selection is all quality and well thought out. The best tune on here, is Electric Counterpoint (Fast) - Pat Metheny.

If pushed to choose a favourite disc, Spadang would go for disc 1. But honestly, both discs are really good and will be on repeat play for some time to come.

As said in our review of Balance 018, we aren't massive fans of the Balance series, but when you hear something as good as Balance 022, you have to respect the series for showcasing some quality DJs.

Balance 022 is well worth your time and money!

Disc 1
1. Introduction (Funk D'Void Remix) - Hawkinson
2. Yesterday & Today - Monty Luke
3. Olmec My Brother - Los Hermanos
4. Razor - Chris Malinchak
5. Lucky Punch - Peter Dildo
6. Effingham PL - Arkist
7. Orca (Dub) - Tonka
8. Elevate (Shur-I-Kan Vs. Milton Jackson Remix) - Mike Acetate
9. Return of the Annunaki (John Tejeda Cinematic Edit) - Soy Mustafa
10. Talker (Drum Dub Mix) - Moodymanc
11. Lost Forever in a Happy Crowd - Exercise One & Mathew Jonson
12. Confuted - Guy Andrews
13. Wires - Delano Smith
14. Weight Off My Mind - Sam Matters
15. The Chase (Steve Rachmad Edit) - Chymera
16. Nyhus Part Two - Jesper Dahlback
17. Only With Your Eyes - Pezzner
18. Sedona (Andre Lodemann Remix) - Spirit Catcher
19. A Very Different World (Funk D'Void Remix) - Vincent I. Watson
20. Loving You - Tony Lionni
21. Diabla (Psycatron Unreleased Remix) - Funk D'Void

Disc 2
1. Suspended On Air - Alucidnation
2. Waiting For - Kolombo
3. Delve - Lee Webster
4. Electric Counterpoint (Fast) - Pat Metheny
5. Running Backwards - Lovebirds
6. Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere - Space Dimension Controller
7. Hommage (Joash Remix) - Martin Patino
8. Dark Journey (Toby Tobias' Journey to the Light Remix) - Outmode
9. Celtic Beauty - Vincent I. Watson
10. Assassin (Funk D'Void Remix) - Joash
11. Re-2001 - Joris Voorn
12. Bite the Bullet (Francis Dubois Remix) - Chaser
13. Go Through Me - Tom Ellis
14. Can U Sing - DJ Profile
15. Alles Mainstream - Rhythm Maker
16. Tones & Things - Patrice Scott
17. Out of Order (Rob Acid Version) - Robert Babicz
18. Makin' Love - Soundstream
19. Headroom - Blackman
20. Prism - Phil Kieran
21. 1999 - The Reboot Joy Confession
22. Untitled State of Mind - Wasted Gaze
23. Sweet Spot - Francois Dubois
24. You Say - Dennis DeSantis