Thursday, 4 April 2013

Underground Sound of Miami - Series 2, mixed by Stelios Vassiloudis - review

A 2 disc release, one mixed, of Bedrock releases. The Underground Sound of Miami, series 2 delivers a very cool collection of progressive and tech house tunes.

Compiled and mixed by +Stelios Vassiloudis, his style of play is evident across both discs: very cool and laid back, but building to a clubby finale.

Spadang loves a good mix, as regular readers will know. So no one will be surprised when we confirm that the mixed disc is a absolute favourite. Stelios has compiled and paced this mix beautifully and a true journey is the result.

Things start with Guy J's lush Twenty 11. Robert Babicz is also in, with It Just So Happens. But things really pick up with Pig & Dan's The Sudden Rush, which is followed Laine's Phonogenic and Stelio's own Disambiguation.

By the time Rob Hes's Simplicity arrives, the clubbier feel is well and truly evident and the end of this mix is properly "heads down, arms up".

Listen to the unmixed disc first and then get into the main event, that is the mix. Stelios Vassiloudis's mixing is seamless and the order of play perfect.

After being really pleased with last weeks Involv3r, its a really nice surprise to receive Underground Sound of Miami, Series 2. Spadang, now has two great mixes to enjoy.

Disc: 1
1. Twenty 11 - Guy J
2. Panda Keys - Stelios Vassiloudis
3. It Just So Happens - Robert Babicz
4. Laine - Phonogenic
5. Crimson Flare - Ian O'Donovan
6. Simplicity - Rob Hes
7. Default In Your Mind - Elio Riso
8. The Sudden Rush - Pig & Dan
9. Eagles & Butterflies - Eagles & Butterflies
10. Edu Yattah - Edu Yattah
11. Ramp - The Japanese Popstars

Disc: 2
1. Twenty 11 - Guy J
2. Eagles & Butterflies - Eagles & Butterflies
3. Eagles & Butterflies - Eagles & Butterflies
4. It Just So Happens - Robert Babicz
5. The Sudden Rush - Pig & Dan
6. Laine - Phonogenic
7. Disambiguation - Stelios Vassiloudis
8. Default In Your Mind - Elio Riso
9. Crimson Flare - Ian O'Donovan
10. Simplicity - Rob Hes
11. Edu Yattah - Edu Yattah
12. Ramp - The Japanese Popstars