Wednesday, 15 May 2013

John Digweed, Live In Slovenia review

+John Digweed Live In Slovenia is described as an intense, peak time set. And it is. This is Diggers at the relentless end of his musical style: deep, dark, driving and oh so proggy. This is a review we've really enjoyed writing!

Disc 1 gets straight to the point of confirming that this is indeed an intense journey of a mix. With its strong bassline, Sebo K's Scenario (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) really sets the tone for what is to follow: surging, rumbling bass in nearly every track. Intense? YES! Peak time? DEFINITELY!

But the stand out track on disc 1 has to be Pig & Dan with Mark Reeve's Bubbles. What a tune!

Petrichor's On Tides finishes the first disc with a melodic, but deep crescendo.

Disc 2 kicks off with Balls (Big Mix) by the techno maestro that is Josh Wink. That's all you need to know about this track. From this start, disc 2 just gets more and more relentless and by the time Digweed & Muir's Awakenings arrives the mix really is at full speed. Awakenings is a true peak time tune and probably Spadang's favourite, of the whole mix. But there are no space filler tracks in here:  they are all here to contribute to the journey that Digweed takes you on.

The final three tunes carry on from Awakenings, with similar urgency. Disc 2 is just as solid as disc 1. Both discs make up a great mix and one that truly does live up to the promotional words (which got Spadang so excited):

"Recorded Live in Slovenia on March 30th 2013  this double CD release captures John laying down an intense peak time set spread over 2 cd`s..."

Lovers of a melody may be disappointed, but if you like your tunes bass driven, you'll love both discs. You often hear about certain mix albums that have been compiled with "home listening in mind". Live In Slovenia, is not one of those. It's got the feel of coming straight out of a dark, underground club.

Now Spadang has always made it very clear, that the darker and deeper end of dance music is where we like to be. With that in mind, we are truly in Slovenia!

Disc: 1
1. Scenario (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) - Sebo K
2. Raw Land - Daniel Dexter
3. Buy Underground - Siopsis
4. Fix Me - Dubspeeka
5. Move It - Mark Reeve
6. Nummer 2 (Pig&Dan Remix) -
7. Namaste (Ramon Tapia Tuff Tuff Remix) - Monika Kruse
8. Bully - Dubspeeka
9. Bubbles - Pig and Dan/Mark Reeve
10. Fire in My Arms - Sam Paganini
11. Utopia - Danny Serrano
12. On Tides - Petrichor

Disc: 2
1. Balls (Big Mix) - Josh Wink
2. Nyhus Part One - Jesper Dahlback
3. BTX2 - Len Faki
4. Drop That - Daniel Gorziza
5. New World - Luigi Madonna
6. Culture - Anton Pieete
7. Blackout: White Noise (Feat. Chelonis R. Jones) (Club Mix) - Booka Shade
8. Glory Box - Booka Shade
9. Long Time Awaited - Coyu
10. Simplistix (Sébastien Léger Remix) - Kaiserdisco
11. Sweet Willy - Robert Capuano
12. Awakenings - John Digweed & Nick Muir vs. Psycatron
13. XTC (The Chemical Brothers Remix) - Boys Noize
14. Lyoc - Maxime Dangles
15. Every Inch (Deetron Remix) - George Fitzgerald
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