Thursday, 29 August 2013

Balance Presents Guy J, review

Balance presents Guy J
Guy J's mix for the Balance mix album series is full of his staple sound of techy tunes, infused with beautiful and lush melodies. Balance Presents Guy J is a great mix album, but leaves you asking one question only. More on that at the end.

Never one to hit you straight between the eyes with his mixes, Guy J's Balance opens up with the lush (and long) intro of "DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures – No One Gets Left Behind (Guy J Remix)". The mix into track 2's "Roger Martinez & Secret Cinema – Menthol Raga (Guy J Remix)" is thoughtful and mesmerizing. At this early stage, its clear that a quality listening experience is about to had.

As the mix proceeds, this becomes fact as one after the other, each tune builds on its predecessor. What we have here is a tech house/progressive type of journey. It's really nice.

So, what is the best tune on the album?

Well, they are all good but if Spadang is pushed to choose, Echomen – Perpetual (Guy J Remix): stunning.

A few other reviews of this album imply that this is quite a deep and dark mix. We have no problem at with that sort of sound, but neither applies to this Guy J mix (well we think that, anyway). No, the whole mix is about the sort of sound you'd expect to come from a great producer/DJ who is really at the top of his game here.

So tell us, what question needs answering? We can't bear the pressure of not knowing.

Simply put: Balance Presents Guy J? What is the Balance series doing only giving Guy J a "presents" entry in their impressive line up of mixes? Surely Guy J should have been given a slot in the main Balance series?

As you all know, Guy J has released two brilliant artist albums and is an awesome DJ. Oh and he now has a successful recording label, of his own too!

It's rumoured the brilliant Robert Babicz, is to get a stab at the main Balance series soon: If Robert Babicz is big enough, then so is Guy J.

But that minor quibble aside, Balance Presents Guy J is a great mix and well worth you attention. Quality all the way.

1. No One Gets Left Behind (Guy J Remix) - DJ Yellow
2. Menthol Raga (Guy J Remix) - Secret Cinema
3. Santa Fe (Guy J Remix) - Henry Saiz
4. Migrants (Radio Slave Accapella Guy J Edit/remix) - Juan Deminicis
5. Once Upon a Time (Guy J Remix) - Juan Deminicis
6. Phases of Grief (Guy J Remix) - Navar
7. Fever (Pezzner Mix/City Life Accapella Guy J Edit/remix) - DJ T.
8. Waitin' (Charles Webster Mix Guy J Edit/remix) - Lanoiraude
9. Day One (Guy J Remix) - Dactilar
10. Perpetual (Guy J Remix) - Echomen
11. I'm Your Country (Guy J Remix) - Guy Mantzur
12. Killa (Guy J Remix) - Way Out West
13. Duba (Guy J Remix) - Robert Babicz
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