Sunday, 8 December 2013

Balance 024, mixed by Danny Howells

Danny Howells once again has produced a mix compilation of the highest quality, in Balance 024, by focusing on what he is famous for: atmospheric, mesmerising dance music.

Disc 1, That Mix, is a cool collection of tunes which sets up the more uptempo disc 2 nicely. Both discs are full of quality tunes, so anyone who likes Danny's style, will be very happy with Balance 024. So that includes all of us at Spadang HQ!

So what's Balance 024, disc 1 like then?
It's a nice thoughtfully envisaged set of eclectic tunes, which are both easy to listen to, but also build across the disc with purpose. All of those present are good, but we particularly like Ivano Tetelepta's Smokin' G, The Mole's Our Time Has Come, Jimpster's Porchlight And Rocking Chairs, Sisterhood's Call Me Ishmael, Robot Needs Oil's Mood Swings and the legendary Ian Pooley's I Got You. All of these are quality and make disc 1, of Balance 024, a rewarding listen. A great way to set up disc 2...

Balance 024, disc 2 is good then?
Yes, it's our favourite of the two. As much as a well put together downtempo/ambient mix can be, we always look forward to the more urgent side of dance music.

Disc 2, This Mix, starts off where disc 1 left off, and builds on it with a (slightly) clubbier feel. As with disc 1, there are a lot of good tunes to enjoy, but we really liked the way the mix builds from Rompante's Save Me From This Kaos, through to Jagwar Ma's Four: Natasha Waters's vocals in Pages are hypnotic and Crimea X's Dream Is Gone is just amazing with its techy touches of brilliance!

Overall, our favourite tune has to be Kaltehand/Natasha Waters's Pages, mainly for those amazing vocals, but also for what this tune leads into. The end of disc 2 really is strong.

All in all, Balance 024 is really good?
Yes, it's another strong release from Balance Music and Spadang has to admit that the recent additions to the series are making us like it more and more. We weren't keen on the early ones. But when a compilation has Danny Howells's name on it, we know that this is a mix we will be enjoying for a long time to come.

Global Underground 027 - Miami and all of the Nocturnal Frequencies series are still regular listens for us. And Dig Deeper Phase 1 was a real treat, in 2011.

Balance 024 is another strong mix, from Danny Howells.

That mix

1) Essay – Find You (Desolate’s Get Together Mix) [Fauxpas Musik]
2) Four Tet – Lion (Jamie XX remix) [Text]
3) Lady Blacktronika – Song Of Love Overdue [Your Only Friend Recordings]
4) Ivano Tetelepta – Smokin’ G [Fear of Flying]
5) Michael Mayer – Mantasy (Will Saul & October Mix) [Kompakt]
6) The Mole – Our Time Has Come [Maybe Tomorrow]
7) The Mole – A Daily Affair [Maybe Tomorrow]
8) Joakim – Another Light [Tigersushi]
9) Jimpster – Porchlight And Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix) [Freerange]
10) Sisterhood – Call Me Ishmael [Tief]
11) Robot Needs Oil – Mood Swings (Simon Garcia Remix) [Artreform]
12) Ian Pooley – I Got You (Matthias Vogt Remix) [Pooled Music]
13) Nicco – Its Over (Oxia Remix) [Recline Music]
14) A.W.O.L. – The Ramp [Suol]
15) Alland Byallo – A Red Dilemma (Brooks Mosher Spirit Box remix) [Release Sustain]
16) Axel Boman – Look What You’ve Done To Me [Hypercolour]

This mix

1) Maricopa – Neon Shoals [Back to the Balearics]
2) Campion – Ekul (Soul Renegades remix) [Audio Parallax Records]
3) Shur-I-Kan – One Ten [Lazy Days Records]
4) Sixth Avenue Express – Can’t Stop Feelin’ (Deep Sound Express Dub) [Pole Position Recordings]
5) Seva K – Falling (Original Mix) [Audio Tonic Records]
6) Durerstuben – Haeckls Kosmos [Pampa]
7) Chopstick & Johnjon ft. Signaljacker – Roots (Original Instrumental Mix) [Suol]
8) Le Loup – Brotherland (Daze Maxim’s remix) [Eklo]
9) Rompante – Save Me From This Kaos [Liebe Detail]
10) Kaltehand / Natasha Waters – Pages (Ewan Pearson Remix) [K/NW]
11) Crimea X – Yev (Prins Thomas Diskomiks remix) [Hell Yeah Recordings]
12) Crimea X – Dream is Gone (Prins Thomas Diskomiks remix) [Hell Yeah Recordings]
13) Jagwar Ma – Four [Future Classic]
14) Sandrien – Haters [Wolfskuil Records]
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