Thursday, 5 June 2014

John Digweed, Live In Miami review

+John Digweed, Live In Miami is another strong mix compilation, to sit alongside the excellent Live In London and Live In Argentina. The "Live In" series is now Spadamgmusic's favourite mix series as it always seems to give us what we want: driving electronic dance music, with a splash of Ambient and (dark) Techno. With John Digweed compiling and mixing every instalment, you know that the quality will always be good.

Live In Miami is a three disc compilation, with each disc very different, but all carry that aura of a Digweed mix.

Disc 1 starts off as an ambient journey, with the soothing sounds of Bassel's Ambience A and Jozif's Standard Rising. This first disc ends with the gentle, yet slightly uptempo (compared to the start) sounds of TG's Rhythm Acupuncture and Robert Babicz's Ange Solitaire. Disc 1 is good, but Spadangmusic's least favourite. But like all Digweed mixes, the track selection is top notch and the mixing is perfect.

Disc 2 is much clubbier and a lot more urgent. Our favourite track of disc2, is Hot Since 82's Don't Touch The Alarm. Also worth mentioning is Philip Bader's The Vibe, with that infectious bassline.

If disc 1 leads you into disc 2, nothing can prepare you for the awesome sounds of disc 3. This is easily the best disc of any Live In mix to date (we've probably said that before, but its really true here). In particular, the first 30 minutes really grabbed us, on the first of many listens. Every track on disc 3 is superb, but the best one is an oldie from 1992: Secret Knowledge's, Sugar Daddy. This is what Spadangmusic calls "Proper Digweed": urgent, relentless prog trance with a banging bassline and a sublime melody.

Sugar Daddy leads into a brooding acid track, Kaiserdisco's Devon, which is also a superb inclusion to this really good disc. Every tune builds on its predecessor and it proves that melody is a vital part of a quality tune and a quality mix. Disc 3 of Live In Miami is a real breath of fresh air and Spadangmusic hopes its a sign of more of the same in the future.

So is the mix the best of the Live In series, so far?

We really loved Live In Argentina and the others are all great. But yes, after a slow start on disc 1, Live In Miami becomes a monster of a journey and is something to really get into. Spadangmusic is older than he wants to be, but this means he can remember Renaissance 2 as probably being John Digweed's best ever mix. Live In Miami doesn't surpass it (nothing will), but it comes close, with disc 3 being so good!

The best mix by Diggers in a long time, Live In Miami will take some beating.


Bassel - Ambience A
Tim Green Feat. Hayley Hutchinson - Helpless Sun
August Jakobsen & Jacob Husley - Blue - Roman Flügel Remix
jozif - Standard Rising - Francesca Lombardo Remix
Fur Coat - Together
Douglas Greed - Summerless - Tuff City Kids Remix
Cesare Vs Disorder & Dave Vega - Mindless
Cesare Vs Disorder & Dave Vega - Worldwide
Safety Scissors - Gemini - Split Secs Remix
Daniel Bortz - The Misery Feat. Nils Corssen - Nu and Pauli vs Acid Remix
Psychemagik - Black Noir Schwarz Feat. Renegade - Extended Play Remix
TG - Rhythm Acupuncture - Martin Buttrich Remix
Robert Babicz - Ange Solitaire - Lutzenkirchen Dub Mix

Joy Wellboy - Before The Sunrise - Dixon Remix
Daniel Bortz - Pictures - Tuff City Kids Remix
Fur Coat - There's No Time
Hot Since 82 - Don't Touch The Alarm - Booka Shade Remix
Ferreck Dawn - Mine
Nathan Cable - Get Up
Jamie Stevens - Tribe of The Disco Kings - King Unique Remix
Philip Bader - The Vibe
Lee Van Dowski & Dean Demanuele - Geroldstrasse 5
Harvey McKay - Phone Freaker
Harvey McKay - Welshy Arms - Gatzigristos' Celtic Relic
Humano - Life
Defex & Frederico Grazzini - Syrens

Safety Scissors - Gemini - System of Survival Remix
August Jakobsen & Jacob Husley - Blue - Minilogue Remix
Robert Dietz - Anger Management
Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy
Kaiserdisco - Devon - Just Be Remix
Nicole - A Small Entrance To A Large Spectrum
Laurent Garnier - Acid Eiffel
Philip Bader - Back
Lee Van Dowski & Dean Demanuele - Branding You Damned Feat. Cari Golden
Radio Slave - My Bleep - Roman Flügel Remix
Gregor Tresher & Petar Dundov - Flux