Sunday, 12 July 2015

John Digweed, Live In South Beach

Live In South Beach, is a mix of mid-tempo quality dance music, that is oh so good. Digweed has (yet again) produced another worthy edition to his hallowed "Live In" series. Long may that series continue!

Disc 1 starts with the tough (and quite darksome) Gardens of God, by Zulu. This is a good sign that the three CD mix will deliver all of the trademark moments that John Digweed is famous for. This first disc is the mellowest of the three and although it builds the tempo, it is a relaxed mix which disc 2 picks up the pace from, nice and seamlessly

"tough (and quite darksome)"? I thought you said this mix was quite relaxed?
I did and it is. From that Zulu track, mix 1 travels through multiple genres forming a mosaic of sound! Other highlights of disc 1 include the great track Heart Of Silence, by Omid 16B; City Cemetary, by Squire and Capricon, by Cosmic Cowboys.The last track on disc 1 is the excellent Density Disrupted, by Robert Babicz.

Snilloc's Magratea kicks off disc 2 and from there, the pace of the mix picks up and the brilliant Silver Surfer by John Belk is a really strong trademark Digweed tune, with its relentless synth! Not to be out done, Head Juice by Jules & Moss is also a proper Digweed type of tune. Disc 2 finishes with the familiar Soul Dynamic by Ruede Hagelstein: familiar yes, but very welcome.

Disc 3 is just about our favourite, though 2 runs it really close. Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy's Tourist Trap get's this clubbier disc moving and the mix into And. Id's acidic edged Live Life, is great. Live Life is a strong track which has the aforemnetioned acid sound entwined in it. Also worth a mention are Mateo Murphy's Steam: its hypnotic chords mixed with some lush keyboard sounds! Mateo Murphy also provides disc 3's next tune, the very clubby Apex. Its a brooding tune that holds you attention. BOg's Rakuten continues the club feel, that makes this part of the mix truly intense. Marek Hemman's Alice brings back the mid-tempo feel with a really good string biased sound. But higher tempo tunes follow in the shape of Laurent Garnier's Ba Beat Da Boxx - which is our best tune from the whole of Live In South Beach - and Alan Fitzpatrick's amazing For An Endless Night.

We always say that each new edition to the Live In series, is the best yet and we are saying it again now. This is a great mix, which doesn't quite grab you immediately. But after a few listens you'll be hooked, like we are. Live In South Beach is (probably) the best in the series... so far!

Disc: 1
1. Gardens Of God - Zulu
2. Spirograph - Olaf Stuut
3. Vermillion - Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons
4. Fault Lines - Beacon
5. Its You - Of Norway | Lois
6. Heart Of Silence - Omid 16B
7. Nightfall - Solaris Heights
8. Midnight Gardens - Squire | Forrest
9. City Cemetary - Squire
10. Little Boy - Digitaria
11. Capricon - Cosmic Cowboys
12. Tell Me How - Cosmic Cowboys
13. Density Disrupted - Robert Babicz
Disc: 2
1. Magratea - Snilloc
2. In My Soul - Alex Arnout
3. Sephiroth - Rampue
4. Tonii - Love Over Entropy
5. Love Over Entropy - Tonii
6. Silver Surfer - John Belk
7. I Can't Remember - Montel
8. Head Juice - Jules & Moss
9. Volkwein - Super Flu | Dortmunder Philharmoniker | Philipp Armbruster
10. Arp For Your Heart - Kyle E
11. Waxoline - Davide Squillace | Plugger
12. It's You - Of Norway | Lois
13. Soul Dynamic - Ruede Hagelstein
Disc: 3
1. Tourist Trap - Guy Gerber | Puff Daddy
2. Live Life - And. Id
3. Death Perception - Nax Acid | Giogio Gigil
4. Steam - Mateo Murphy
5. Apex - Mateo Murphy
6. Pedro Aguiar - Snobiety
7. Arp Choir - Luna Semara
8. Rakuten - BOg
9. Organic Love - Nicole Moudaber | Skin
10. Sad Robot - Nick Warren | Guy Mantzur
11. Alice - Marek Hemmann
12. Ba Beat Da Boxx - Laurent Garnier
13. VCA - Alberto Ruiz | Oscar Aguilera
14. For An Endless Night - Alan Fitzpatrick
15. Transparenza - Michael Mayer | Reinhard Voigt
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