Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Review of Southend Ronnie's Off Kilter mix

Southend Ronnie gives us a peak time banger of a mix, full of techno, progressive and tech house! This is really worth 49 minutes out of your day!

Lots of bleeps, lots of buzzes, this mix features tracks from Oliver Huntemann, Nax Acid & Giogio Gigil, Mark Mendes & Mike Jacinto, Lee Van Dowski, Andre Winter and more. The mix is really well put together, as Southend Ronnie really knows how to pick a good tune.

Anna's Unstable is sublime and Lee Van Dowski's Ici et Maintenant is a real stand out moment too. But Florian Gasperini and Marcan's Blanc is the best tune here, full of energy and bass.

Each tune, superbly mixed, builds upon the previous one and the further into the mix you go, the more storming it gets

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