Friday, 3 June 2016

John Digweed, Live In Montreal Finale - Review

Just when you don't think it can get any better, it does: Live In Montreal, John Digweed's massive 6 disc mix, grows to an amzing 9 discs, to cover the whole set, which he played at Stereo in Montreal. What was a monster mix is now Godzilla! But do the Finale discs, add a lot to what was already a masterpiece?


Check back over the next few days, while I add a brief review of each disc (what more can be said about this huge mix?).

Disc 7

As with discs 1-6, disc 7 carries seamlessly from disc 6, so the uptempo vibe keeps going. Its great to have the whole DJ set on CD or download, but I really wish I could have been there! This is a great continuation from disc 6!

We love Black On Black by Scuba for infectiousness and Pig & Dan's Complex is stormingly good. Our favourite tune on this disc, is the Alberto Ruiz remix of Digweed and Muirs Aquatonic: it still has the unmistakable vibe of Aquatonic, but with intelligent twists.

Each track on this disc is mixed so well and, as always, they compliment the previous one. How often do we say this about a Live In mix? Check back in a day or two for my review of disc 8 (disc 8!!!).

Disc 8

Another really nice mix and quite a banging one in places too:

Alex Millan's Maria Rosa is a awesome tune. One of the best from all 9 discs. Its tough.
Right from the start disc 8 just keeps giving us the same great experience that the previous 7 discs have. From disc 3, the pace is relentless and does not let up on disc 8. All in all disc 8 of Live In Montreal is a great part of a great mix.

Disc 9

As Live In Montreal reaches its climax, the vibe does mellow slightly - signaled by the amazing Tuesday Maybe, from the legends that are Way Out West - and the tough, hard edged sound of the previous discs is supplemented with some vocal tracks, some of which are classics, some of which are welcomed old favourites.

The vibe may have changed, but the quality hasn't.

Welcome back Sunscreem's Perfect Motion (Boys Own Remix): what a great way to end Live In Montreal.

But all of disc 9 serves as a great way to end such a huge EDM event. If you haven't invested in Live In Montreal yet, we really think you should if you are a lover of dance music.

Live In Montreal in conclusion

We've finally reached the end of this huge undertaking. I'm really impressed that John Digweed went to the lengths he did to release this addition to the brilliant Live In series.
Whatever your taste in music, its a rare thing for your favourite artist/producer or (in this case) DJ to release something so epic and of such quality. I can't think of any other definitive musical event that has been given as much attention by its creator as this. All the tunes are great and here for a reason.

Live In Montreal is a new classic and a new milestone on dance music/EDM history.


Disc 7
  1. Adam Beyer - What You Need
  2. Scuba - Black on Black - Len Faki Goes Black Remix
  3. Lee Van Dowski & Animal Trainer - This One Goes To Eleven
  4. Montel - At Night
  5. Pig&Dan - Complex
  6. Clarian - Space Noir
  7. Mathias Kaden - Energie feat. Rocko Schamoni - Michael Mayer Remix
  8. Pig&Dan - Fungus
  9. Joseph Capriati - Awake - Julian Jeweil Remix
  10. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Aquatonic - Alberto Ruiz Remix
  11. Mark Reeve - Parallel - Alberto Ruiz Remix

Disc 8
  1. Daniel Dexter - Why So Serious? - Uner Remix
  2. Alex Millan - Maria Rosa
  3. Clarian - Fear and Self Loathing
  4. Tim Green - Empire
  5. Steve Parry - Flippant
  6. Audion - Mouth to Mouth
  7. Gel Abril - Carpet Sneak
  8. Sascha Dive - Werewolf
  9. Pig&Dan - The Saint (Job San)
  10. Bog - The Other Side of the River
  11. Sailor & I - Leave The Light On - Joris Voorn Remix

Disc 9
  1. Way Out West - Tuesday Maybe
  2. The Chemical Brothers - Sometimes I Feel So Deserted - C2 Trigger Remix
  3. Chaim - Genesis
  4. DJ H Feat. Stefy - Come On Boy - Larry Levan Remix
  5. Saschienne - Unknown - Dixon Mix
  6. Joy Wellboy - Before The Sunrise - Dixon Remix
  7. Sunscreem - Perfect Motion - Boys Own Mix