All time favourites

Confining us to choose 5 all time favourites, in the world... ever has been really difficult. So difficult we have been tempted to allow ourselves an all time top 10. Maybe we'll give in do just that soon! It was impossible to only choose our all time favourite mix compilations, with a choice of 10 being allowed!

In the meatime, here are Spadang's all time favourite dance tunes. Ever (but as more great music is pouring out all over the world, this list must grwo in time!).


Divinity - BT
Guy J, 1000 Words is a great artist album. BT, Ima is another. Released in 1995, it was a really fresh andstrong collection of what was called Epic House tunes. Divinity is the final track and is just sublime, with beautiful piano melodies, building into a more trancey crescendo. A real masterpiece.

Horsepower (Remix) - Ravesignal 3
Techno of the highest quality, is the signature of CJ Bolland. Producing under the name of Ravesignal, he released several Ravesignal EPs. Ravesignal 2's Heaven On Earth is a true monster and nearly 20 years later, still sounds good. But as good as Heaven On Earth is, Horsepower (Remix) is even better. The original version of Horsepower is a true legend, but the remix version was one of the first remixes we heard which was a true improvement on the original. This is hard and fast Techno, but no so fast or so hard as to be brain scraping insanity. This is Techno with brains.

Uber Alloy - Van Basten
A tough trance monster. When we say trance, forget that cheesey sound you all associate with the name. This is trance at the deep and dark end. But saying that, there is a tune in there too. Play it very loud and annoy the neighbours: they'll soon be converted.

Go - Moby
A classic house/techno tune, call it what you will. Undoubtedly a classic to many people, this tune combines beautiful melodies with an iconic (often copied) female vocal. Remixed to death, the original is still the best version and a milestone in music generally.

Odyssey To Anyoona - Jam and Spoon
The early 90s really were an awesome time. Techno was at its height. Techno from Belgium, Holland and Germany was king.

Jam & Spoon a german production duo had a big influence back then:

Stella (released on the awesome R&S label) is a milestone. Follow Me is another classic tune. Their remix of The Age of Love is one of the best remixes ever (we think!).

In 1993 the album Tripomatic Fairytales 2001 was released. The 10 minute monster that is Find Me (Odyssey to Anyoona), is track 2.

It starts with a simple bassline that slowly builds with synths. Two minutes in and the tune really takes shape with a really intelligent angelic choir adding their voice to an already lush sound.